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Each week, comedian Charlie George and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota dive into a topic, trend or technique and ask vital questions, like: where has this idea come from? What’s the evidence? And is this more or less effective than a custard cream and a cuppa.

It’s the height of the Vietnam war when a new generation of doctors, including a young Dr. Anthony Fauci, arrive at the National Institutes of Health as part of the doctor’s draft. What happens next is a hidden history of American medicine that could not be more revelatory or prescient.

Dr Tim Sharp, 'Dr Happy', busts 15 common excuses for not taking action when it comes to happiness. With his help you’ll take control of your life and stop getting in your own way.

We know that gut health is important. What and how you eat affects your energy levels, your brain function, how you feel, your work performance, your skin, your weight, how well you age and your long-term health. At the same time, never before have we been so confused over what we should eat!

Break through self-defeating habits and patterns of self-sabotage that are holding you back. Connect to your values to become the sole author and editor of your life. Dr Rebecca Ray, writer, speaker and clinical psychologist, has created a motivational and practical step-by-step guide for your breakthrough to your best self.

A look inside the mind of Detective William Murdoch, Canada’s most popular detective. Detective Murdoch is a celebrated Canadian police detective who works for the Toronto Constabulary at Station House No. 4. His television character is known for playing things close to the chest. Not so in his secret diaries.

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