Essencers of Aelathia Series

4 books in series
4 out of 5 stars 16 ratings

Essencers of Aelathia Publisher's Summary

Three epic books. Fifty-plus hours filled with magic, war, myth, and characters that leap to life.

Bedel and Raynt, two powerful mages known as Essencers, have dedicated their lives to holding back the tide of the Dark Sorceress Jocina. After her defeat thousands of years ago, she is desperate to return and drown the world in darkness once and for all. Her time has come. 

Priestess A’banna has spent her young life in service to the Sorceress. But when she is commanded to sacrifice a living being in Jocina's name, her faith breaks. She flees into the waiting arms of the Essencers. 

Bedel and Raynt believe A’banna may hold the keys to defeating Jocina once and for all, and fight to protect her at all costs. However, ending a millennium of struggle isn't so easy. 

Jocina has been busy. Building allies. Corrupting rulers. Growing her dark and powerful army. And now, her coalition threatens all the realm with a war to end all wars. 

It will take more than magic and Essencers to stop her. Bedel, Raynt, and A’banna will need to bring the kingdoms together. Otherwise, Jocina will finally have her revenge. 

Buy this special edition box set to experience a sweeping epic fantasy series suitable for all ages. Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson will love this vividly imagined and detailed world.

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