Blandings Castle

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Something New Publisher's Summary

Downton Abbey - P. G. Wodehouse style!

Here, we have a glorious ensemble of Woodhousian characters knocking elbows to foreheads in the elegant and grand Blandings Castle. Meet Freddy Threepwood, the vagrant son of doddering old Lord Emsworth of Blandings Castle. Freddy has recently become engaged to Aline Peters, the American heiress of an irascible father. The snag is that Freddy seems to have at one point become enamored of a struggling actress, Joan Valentine, and written some impetuous and imprudent letters to her. Joan has now moved on and is currently employed as a writer for a magazine's society column. Freddy has employed a certain R. Jones, a man of portly and dubious character, to attempt to buy back Freddy's letters, and keep his engagement safe. We also meet Ache Marson, an athlete who writes the Gridley Quayle series of pulp mystery stories, and also lives in the flat just below the actress/writer Joan Valentine. Got that strait? Sound confusing? Wait till we get going.

Narrated by B.J. Harrison of The Classic Tales Podcast, who brings each whimsical Wodehouse character to life with his usual, wonderful gusto.

Public Domain (P)2014 B.J. Harrison
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