Luke T Barnett

Luke T Barnett

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Luke T. Barnett grew up on a steady diet of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superheroes. As an awkward kid with ADD, good stories, movies, and video games were his great escape. Star Trek to Star Wars, Dragonlance to Wizard of Earthsea, X-men to Teen Titans, Armitage III to Cowboy Bebop. With all these good stories rolling around inside his brain, he longed to tell his own stories and began writing fanfictions and original works in grade school. His first works, which were school assignments, were praised by his teachers. By adulthood, he had discovered anime and the world of pen & paper role-playing games. He wrote several short works based on his characters and fanfictions based on the video games and tabletop games he played. (You can find one of his most extensive works on under the name bardoftoday.) His first publication was in a local gaming newsletter which featured an early version of his Cryos & Jade series. His first full-length novel, Half-Orc Redemption, was based on a 3rd edition D&D character, a half-orc barbarian named Gash Bloodaxe. He published this novel in 2017 and had it revised and edited in 2019. He has also resurrected Cryos and Jade, completely rewriting and enriching the story and characters to tie in with his Half-Orc series. In 2021 he began work on a sweeping sci-fi epic called Galactic Core. It is inspired by the many sci-fi and anime movies and TV shows he has enjoyed over the years. His current plans are to continue working on Galactic Core, the Half-Orc and Cryos & Jade sagas, Mutant Girl (a YA highschool, superhero series) and write short stories for different anthologies while doing ghostwriting and book blurb writing on the side to provide for his family. As a writer who loves the Bible and Jesus Christ and does his best to follow Him, Luke believes that an excellent story exalts Christ whether it mentions Him or not. He currently lives in Mentor, Ohio where he spends his days working towards a full-time writing career while working a day job and caring for his family. He has a beautiful, no no-nsense, star wars loving, writer wife, two slow-motion loving, story-telling-addict boys, and one dragon-slaying, unicorn-loving daughter. He regularly reads his stories to his boys who are constantly begging for more. He is happy to provide.
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