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Salvage-5: Anthology Publisher's Summary

The First Mission: Retired Colonel Tucker Petersen is suddenly recalled to active duty and put in charge of the Salvage-5 mining/recovery mission. Tucker travels with his crew to discover what went wrong with the CSMO mining dredge at 15 Eunomia. What they find will change their lives forever. 

Salvage-5, Vol. 2: The Next Mission: Colonel Tucker Peterson returns to the Kuiper Belt. Their mission: Repair the Jump Ring at Asteroid 253 Mathilde, and correct the asteroid's orbit. Along the way they discover the CSMO is missing from its position. Now, they must find the dredge and its destination before they run out of fuel. Don't miss this exciting, and action-packed sequel to Salvage-5.

Salvage-5: Another Mission: Tucker goes on a personal quest to rescue Captain Cassandra Phillips. It’s been a long six months for the Colonel, but now the time has come for him to steal the SSV-5 and embark on their most dangerous mission yet: Return to asteroid 52 Europa. 

Salvage-5, Vol.4: Final Mission: Colonel Tucker Petersen and crew are back for one final mission. After discovering the cyborg alien matter-regenerating properties, Lieutenant Buster Clark tells his commander that the spheres they blew up on their last mission regrew. Tucker mounts up and takes off to rid the asteroid belt of the cyborg alien infestation once and for all. Come along for the ride today.

©2018 Brian K. Larson (P)2019 Brian K. Larson
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