Hank the Cowdog

84 books in series
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It’s hard work being the Head of Ranch Security. Luckily, Hank the Cowdog is up to the job! Dealing with problems and mysteries on the ranch is his specialty in this delightful series for kids of all ages. 

On a ranch in the Texas Panhandle, Hank the Cowdog keeps assorted critters safe, with the help of his trusted sidekick, a little white mutt named Dover. But be careful! Sometimes, the overconfident hound bites off more than he can chew. When Hank gets himself into a sticky situation, he does his best to brush it off. But it’s easy to see how this big ole silly smart aleck gets himself stuck when he overestimates his own cunning. Through a series of mysteries and escapades, Hank rescues kidnapped dogs, sniffs out cheats and hustlers, hunts ghosts, searches for love, and solves murders. Each listen is a new adventure that kids young and old will love to explore alongside Hank and his friends.

Author John R. Erickson provides his own voice for his Hank the Cowdog audiobooks, letting listeners hear the stories exactly as they were meant to be heard. The charming country folk music in the background brings the feeling of a Texas ranch directly to your ears, while Erickson’s Southern accent brings Hank’s personality and character fully to life. Erickson wrote each book to be read aloud, and he composed two original songs for each audiobook.

When creating this series, John R. Erickson was able to base Hank’s home ranch on his own experiences growing up in the Texas Panhandle and working on Texas and Oklahoma ranches as a young man. To introduce Hank the Cowdog to kids across Texas and far beyond, the author started a self-publishing venture in his garage. Publishers Weekly has praised the series as a “grassroots publishing phenomena.”

Erickson’s stories have won multiple awards, including the Audie, Oppenheimer, Wrangler, and Lamplighter Awards, and have been translated into Spanish, Danish, Farsi, and Chinese. Beloved around the world, the Hank the Cowdog series has inspired two animated TV adaptations, a three-act musical comedy for the stage, and spin-off games and toys.

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