• Ep67 - Products, Pivoting & a Brand with Impact w/ Lala McNab
    Jan 22 2024
    Chatting with the super inspiring Lala McNab, today's guest, was something I was so looking forward to and our conversation didn't disappoint. Both being based in Perth, Western Australia, Lala and I catch up a few times each year. Our time together is so rich and abundant with reflection, what we are seeing in the online business space, what's challenging us in terms of business trends because we just can't get on board with what we are seeing, and a whole lot of a nourishing reality check and fresh view of things. I truly feel this podcast episode is like giving you a chance to tune into the kinds of conversations we have and look forward to. But why should you listen? Well collectively, we have over 4, maybe even 5 decades of business experience. In that time we have amassed extensive expertise and real-world business wisdom, like the kind that existed before social media took the stage as the go-to marketing solution. Hint, it's not the be all and end all but unless you've had the opportunity to see and be a part of the bigger of business, you may never understand that. Lala is one of those savvy, says it like it is business women who leads multiple businesses across the spectrum of product and service solutions that her clients adore. She's here to keep it real and to truly support business owners by starting and ending with the truth and realities of what it takes to lead a profitable, impacting, purposeful business that has a brand that's captivating and reflective of the impact it's destined to make. You are in for lots of energy, real-world business truths, and an opportunity to think differently when you tune into our conversation.
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    56 mins
  • Ep 66 - Thriving End of Year Review - Shannon Dunn
    Dec 27 2023
    Reviewing your year can be a powerful way to gain insights, determine wisdom and create clarity to move forward into a new year with confidence and renewed motivation. In this episode, host Shannon Dunn guides you through her End of Year Review process. Grab a notebook or your journal and get ready to be guided to prepare for the new year of 2024.
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    43 mins
  • Ep 65 - Leading with an Aligned Business Model - Shannon Dunn
    Dec 15 2023
    Whilst your business model is one of the most important foundations of your business, your clarity on what kind of business model you are leading may be unclear. In this episode, host Shannon Dunn explores key perspectives relating to your business model and shares sets of reflective and discovery questions to support you in determining if your business model, is in fact, aligned and working for you.
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    46 mins
  • Ep64 - Abundance Mindset, Faith and the power of supporting others w/ Tish Bell
    Dec 4 2023
    Chatting with my friend in business Tish Bell is always such a breath of fresh air. I first met Tish when we were in a mastermind together a couple of years ago and I was instantly drawn to her effervescence and genuine love of living and breathing what she believes in. At the time Tish was supporting clients as a money and abundance mentor, amongst other things. She has evolved to offer other fascinating services in the professional speaker space and I loved being able to dig into her world and hear about her evolution, the role of abundance, how to have an abundance mindset, what matters most to Tish, and how she commits to living what she teaches. You are in for lots of energy, some awesome truths, and an opportunity to think differently when you tune into our conversation.
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    51 mins
  • Ep63 - The UX Factor; an impact you want to lean into w/ Susan Reoch
    Nov 24 2023
    You will have heard multiple times about the importance of considering your customers or clients and their experience no matter the kind of business you have and what you offer. But have you heard of UX? Short for user experience, it is an approach that has the potential to create the lasting impact your clients will want to rave about. In today's episode, I chat with the UX Copywriter and maverick in this space, Susan Reoch. This conversation is overflowing with insights into how you can turn up the volume on the experience every one of your valued community has with you, no matter the level they interact or invest.
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    1 hr and 1 min
  • Ep62 - Committing to your path to success w/ Alyson Robinson
    Nov 17 2023
    When I first met Alyson Robinson I was immediately impressed with her enthusiastic commitment to wild success. A determined and ambitious young soul, she has a brightness about her that is alluring and genuine. She exudes the energy of the Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype and knows that her success is a reflection of the success she believes in for others. I am sure you will find what we talk about in this episode to be motivational in more ways than you expect.
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    51 mins
  • Ep61 - Queen Ruler & Mother Nurturer - Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights, part 6 - Shannon Dunn
    Nov 10 2023
    The Thrive Factor Archetypes Business Insights series explores key business wisdom related to two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes in each episode. In today's episode, the 6th and final part of the series, we get to know the final two of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, the Queen Ruler and Mother Nurturer.
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    44 mins
  • Ep60 - Why Trauma Informed Matters & the Value of Ethics in Coaching w/ Melissa Lapides
    Nov 3 2023
    I have been looking forward to sharing this new episode with guest Melissa Lapides since we recorded this conversation a little while back. I first became aware of Melissa's work a year or so ago and have so appreciated learning more about her approaches to trauma informed practice. I also came to learn more about her experiences transitioning from psychotherapy to coaching and back again, plus her stance on trauma-informed coaching and its importance. When I saw Melissa sharing more about ethics in the coaching industry and advocating for change through her collaboration with others committed to ethical practice in coaching, I was even more drawn in and curious to know more.
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    1 hr and 4 mins