Tiago Nunes

Tiago Nunes

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My Dream in life is to maximize Happiness of those in my surroundings so that Moral Development can Flourish into our New Normal. I accomplish my WHY through the innovative Ethos Mindset Framework where we developed a new approach to achieve the best possible state of GEMBA! πŸ”†. I love to connect the dots between People and Process. We are all into the Continuous Development Journey. Let us break the linear approach and start to think non linearly. By the end of the day, growth happens outside of our comfort zones πŸ”†. I am a Martial ArtistπŸ₯‹, an Optimist 🐝, and an Industrial Thinker βš™οΈ. With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at a lower cost πŸš€. Here below a brief description of what is being accomplished during the Journey πŸ†: βœ… Deep understanding of the science of happiness, developed a unique way to connect human behaviour which drives the sustainable moral development program, all based on math and logic. βœ… Designed a continuous improvement approach for Wagonmaster including the launch through best practice iterations: Through Trust, Partnership and Serving Others, we Achieve Excellence! βœ… Led the Communication Plan using Ethos, Logos and Pathos non-linear thinking approach at Lubrimetal Group. βœ… Optimized international business planning with a solid pipeline workflow model based on Lean-Agile thinking for the steel industry. βœ… At Wagonmaster, the Team voted me as the Happy one. Connect body, mind, and spirit to the present using mindfulness and flow (stress relief and resilience building). βœ… Specialist in the sector, Steel and Automotive - Lean projects across South and North America. βœ… Highly motivated, able to cooperate with multidisciplinary teams and contribute with outside the box insights.
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