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Stephen Moss

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Stephen Moss was born in England, but spent time as a child in wildly diverse places, including several years in Brazil, Belgium, and Malaysia. He eventually settled in New York, but still travels avidly, something he uses as inspiration and input to his writing. Stephen is a fan of Hard SF by masters such as Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton and Orson Scott Card and the many fantastic writers creating masterpieces every year. His first series, The Fear Saga, combined his passion for Hard Science Fiction with his passion for travel. The three-part series takes place across the globe, from London to Brussels, Africa to Antarctica, the Hindu Kush mountains to the back streets of Tel Aviv. The few places in the books which Stephen hasn't been to in person he researches avidly, wanting to put his characters into the reality of their surroundings, and knowing that the settings for a story are as important as the individuals you then paint into them. For more information on books by Stephen Moss, and to hear about future releases, you can find the author on Facebook, or email him directly at Look for new titles from Stephen Moss in 2017, including Hexis, the first book in a fantasy series that explores a world of hidden strengths and inhuman powers, and Kinetic, the story of a boy at a rave who goes too far one night, and unlocks something dangerous and powerful in his mind. Also look for Fear's Orphans, a new story in the Fear Universe that explores the fates of Banu and the orphan pilots, and humanity in general on the damaged world we now call home. I also hope you will enjoy the Explorations Series, a set of anthologies I have been working on with such greats as Ralph Kern and Jacob Cooper. The first two books, Explorations: Through the Wormhole and First Contact, are out now and they've got some real gems in them. Thank you for reading, -Stephen
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