Laura Matson Hahn

Laura Matson Hahn

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My life has been an exploration of living from the heart. My work has always been in groundbreaking industries, creating communication strategies to make the "new" accessible to the many. The Heart Code is creative fiction that was inspired by the new heart science which documents the heart's separate intelligence from the brain and postulates that everyone has a unique code in their heart as their personal guidance tool for being authentic and walking their true path. Kinda cool idea - one which I've been practicing for 6 decades and love. The characters and situations I write about are not autobiographical but are inspired by experience. In the play "Sunday in the Park with George" by Stephen Soundheim, George Seurat paints his famous painting while his lover poses. One of the lines by the daughter of the model is "There she is, there she is, there she is .... he must have loved her so much" I feel the same way about all the characters in the book: there is a little part of me in each of them ... as you may find a little part of you in each of them, too. Many who have read the book say it plays like a movie in their head. As one who loves movies as much as reading, I wrote with that intention. Throughout my career, before writing this book, I was a student of may spiritually oriented philosophies and practices. From each I took what spoke to me. But when I found out about the heart's intelligence, it all came together. While I don't talk about the science of the heart's intelligence directly in the book, I used the original Bohemians as the holder of that truth because when i discovered their history, it was a eureka moment. I love talking about the book with anyone - individually, book clubs, church groups, etc. The more people who realize their best friend is in their heart, the better for this world.
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