L. D. Whitney

L. D. Whitney

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I write Pulp. At least I aspire too. What do I mean by "Pulp"? I mean two-fisted tales of daring and adventure, mystery and danger around every corner. Think Tarzan, Conan the Cimmerian, Doc Savage and dime-novel gunslingers with an air of modernity. What's my ideal novel? What would such a thing even look like? It would look like Indiana Jones waltzing into Jurassic Park with James Bond at his side. I am slated to appear in two anthologies published by Rogue Blades Entertainment, "Reach for the Sky", and "Death's Sting". The first anthology is a collection of short stories that combine two parts cowboy and one part sci-fi. The second are Sword and Sorcery tales that center around the exploits of immortals. And next year, I will also be found within the hallowed pages of "Weirdbook" magazine. I'm a simple man. When I read a book, I want adventure, excitement, and intrigue. That's what I hope to deliver to you. You can find more about me, my writing, my adventures, and exclusive short stories at ldwhitneyauthor.wixsite.com/home or you can follow me on Instagram at ldwhitneyauthor. -L. D. Whitney
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