Daniel Braum

Daniel Braum

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Like a vinyl record from days gone by author Daniel Braum spins a unique blend of speculative fiction that effortlessly blends fantasy, science fiction and horror and mysticism in every verse. Weaving a tapestry of quantum intelligence Braum’s multi-dimensional characters are drawn into dark worlds of spiritualism where concepts of advanced science collide with magic realism to investigate the unexplainable at the edges of civilization. Defying conventional categorization his work thrives in the grey area between many genres. "Daniel Braum is a master at capturing the feel of a place and a time. From the jungles of South America to the mean streets of New York's suburbs his stories wind through territories that feel at once familiar and strange, exotic and dangerous or maybe just dangerously personal." -David Wellington, Author of Monster Island and Positive “Straddling the fine line between dark fantasy and horror, Braum’s masterful prose is a thing of stunning beauty and utmost dread, transporting readers into dark and unseen territories that exist just beyond the boundaries of human perception. Shining a light into an unknown we both yearn to embrace yet are equally terrified to experience, he exposes our primordial fears with the unrelenting threat that some horrifying truth will be revealed that will shatter our fragile grasp on reality.” – Anthony Rivera, Bram Stoker Award (r)-nominated editor. “The strength of Daniel Braum’s writing is the strength that comes from patience, from a writer trusting his audience with a steady, slow pace that allows details to accumulate in the mind so that the story becomes consistently more vivid until it reaches a conclusion that is profound in its subtlety and restraint.” – Matthew Cheney, Editor of The Best American Fantasy "Daniel Braum is a true storyteller. By that I mean he spins tales of wonder that grasp at ideas and themes that human beings have been pondering since our brains become up to the task. The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales will satisfy your cravings for the fearsome and the weird, no question. These stories will also make you laugh, cringe, and damn near weep. This is such a big-hearted and wide ranging book and Daniel Braum is the real deal, a writer to treasure." -Victor La Valle, Author of the Ballad of Black Tom
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