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NOW IS THE AGE OF THE PROPHECIES LONG FORETOLD. ALL PUBLISHED - BOOKS, VLOG, BLOG - REVEAL THESE. - ALSO REVEALED ARE NEW MODERN PROPHECIES OF HUMANITY'S PRESENT AND VERY LONG FUTURE. For example, that, "It is not too late to save the earth, from climate change..." And that, "The children born since 2001 are showing us the way" to grow compassion in the whole of humanity..." HOW THE SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS BEGAN: “I first talked to God when I was three years old, in my backyard, speaking up to the heavens. I remember a sunny day with clouds.” Charol Messenger is a 2020 Member of the Best-Selling Authors Association, as a featured co-author in Amazon’s International BEST SELLER: CRACKING THE RICH CODE. Vol. I. with Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington (Shark’s Tank), endorsed by Tony Robbins. Charol’s own books have received 21 awards: 4 First Place, 5 Second Place, and 5 International; including two for the 2015 edition of The Power of Courage. She is also an Honoree of Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, 2020, for excellence in writing. Her personal international twelve-page newsletter Global Citizen 1987-88 garnered respect from author Richard Bach and Colorado Governor Roy Romer. IN ADDITION TO publishing her own spiritual books, a new dramatic memoir, and 225 small pieces nationally, Charol is also an accomplished freelance developmental book editor and ghostwriter; with 1,500 projects to-date, including 260 client books in all genres. Charol Messenger also has vast experience in the metaphysical and psychic realms. Her visionary inspired writings (9 books to-date) have been compared to such luminaries as James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy), Neale Donald Walsch, and Eckhart Tolle. Messenger's nondenominational-spirituality work has touched 70-thousand people through her books, classes, and metaphysical soul readings since 1977; her Facebook posts (2023, 6000 followers, over 10,000 friend requests since 2021), her own spiritual YouTube vlog ; podcasts, interviews, and talks on her Playlist (e.g., Jeff Mara Podcast 22,000 views since Sept. 2021), and three TV interviews in Atlanta to an international audience of 100 million. In 1975, Charol had a spontaneous mystical experience, which awakened her to a higher comprehension of humanity’s past, present, and future. As a result of this 6.5 hours long spontaneous mystical awakening to cosmic consciousness, receiving wave after wave of VISIONS of humanity’s true SPLENDID NATURE and potential and long FUTURE, Charol Messenger is today a pre-eminent master channel and prophet of Jesus and all the ascended masters. They are bringing NEW messages of HOPE to all of humanity, every person, every race, every culture, girls boys, women men, all faiths and all those who follow none. JESUS IS WRITING TODAY to show us OUR HEART PATH – as an individual and as part of the human race - FOR IT IS IN THE HEART where we know truth and learn forgiveness and unconditional love. JESUS LOVINGLY EMBRACES US with his luminous presence, saying, “CALL ME BROTHER, FOR I AM ONE OF YOU.” That he is an Elder, but only with more experience, not better than us. Charol Messenger’s PERSONAL DRAMATIC MEMOIR is a Domestic Thriller. A True Story. As It Happened. Verbatim. – A Menacing Svengali. Walking a Razor’s Edge. How does she get out of it? “This is the hardest experience I ever went through. A long lesson in learning to stand up for myself. Facing threat and danger nonstop for over six months, never knowing what would happen next. Spirituality and a strong friendship network saved my life. I learned that it is best to – Tell everyone what is going on. Because that is how I daily renewed my strength. This was all about building inner strength. Having just done a new final proofreading of the 2015 first edition, four proofs July-November 2023, I have come to suddenly realize that I have somehow inwardly healed: my lifetime of angst over my childhood trauma with my father, which held me back my entire life from relationships (I’m now 78). And ALSO that I no longer carry the hook in the heart from the guy in 1992, the Svengali. Somehow – both of these major hooks in my heart are gone. They are just gone.” SO NOW I CAN RELEASE THIS STORY, because I no longer blame Carol for stupidly for weakness. Because now I can see that her strength was in spirituality and many friendships – and she innately had the wisdom to know what to do to get out of the endless wheel of being threatened and abused. – AND I DID.” MORE ON HOW THESE WRITINGS ARE RECEIVED: Charol Messenger receives these NEW Divine messages from The Divine Consciousness through “the still small voice within,” which is a practiced skill since 1975 when the devotions began coming through first as visions. BIO IN DEVELOPMENT charol messenger .com link to Youtube live new videos link to vlog
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