Wasatch Mountain

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Pseudo Personality Publisher's Summary

Instead of finding a serene mountain retreat to write her next book, Elizabeth unknowingly allows a stalker the freedom not only to observe her without detection, but to get close enough to kill.

Elizabeth finally decides to move from the city to her uncle’s property in Utah to write in seclusion. When she hires Joshua to build her home deep in the mountains, she discovers the rugged construction owner's slightest touch rockets her pulse and leaves her wanting more. Josh looks more like a lumberjack out of some romance novel than a residential builder. More importantly, he’s not her type at all. But there was something about him Elizabeth just couldn’t resist.

In fact, Josh’s take-me-as-you-see-me attitude threatened to ruin the three-year relationship rule Elizabeth had sold to the world. Hundreds of thousands of women now believed, as she did, that everyone uses a fake personality when they meet a new love. Everyone hides their true inner self and tries to pretend to be the person they believe their new love desires. Elizabeth’s fascination with Josh becomes her main focus. She ignores everything else in an attempt to prove Josh is not really who he appears to be. In doing so, Elizabeth misses the warning signs she should have easily seen and places everyone's life at risk.

Don't miss the suspenseful thriller, the first book of the Wasatch Mountain series! It's just one click away! Revised and professionally edited, formerly known as Three Year Rule by Alaina Stanford.

©2017 Kimbra Townsend (P)2018 Kimbra Townsend
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