Triangulum Stain

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Attack of the Replicating Aliens Publisher's Summary

Moctezuma Johnson has created a unique literary/sci-fi/romance/alien invasion/B-movie mash-up of MIBs, DNA-squirting silicone monsters, and Five Hive secret Women in Black agents in tight, sexy latex suits. Enjoy this first part of the mind-blowing smutpunk sequence.  

Something has crashed in the desert. Aliens? Clones? Robots? What is it? 

The government is on the scene. WIBs have been dispatched. Freak Force Five is on its way in a supersonic jet. Why? There is a chemical agent in the air from a capsule returning from space. It is an extraterrestrial agent that gets into men’s liquid. That's right. When a man ejaculates, he creates a monster, a clone. 

Today, in Beaver Lick, Arizona, when a man finishes, he falls into a deep sleep, and the liquid stain turns into an living, moving, silicone-made sentient alien that preys on young women so they can asexually reproduce and takeover the world. 

This is a tale of colonization, of sentient sex toys, and how some superhero women in tight sexy latex try desperately (and I do mean desperately!) to stop the invasion.  

Triangulum Stain is a smutpunk series about how a team of scientists created to stop outbreaks long before this agent lands in Arizona are fighting against its own lab's doomsday clock. It follows a few unlucky civilians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

Everybody tries to stop this alien takeover of Earth. Will the heroes survive, or will they all be sexed to death? Finding out is a fun, humorous thrill ride.  

The story is Michael Crichton meets Mika Tan. It is the new one from Moctezuma Johnson. It is sci-fi/erotica with touches of satire and parody.  

©2014 Moctezuma Johnson (P)2018 Moctezuma Johnson
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