The Handmaid's Tale

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Enter a near-future, dystopian society through the eyes of Offred, a handmaid with only one purpose – to breed. 

The chilling and compelling Handmaid’s Tale imagines a totalitarian state, the Republic of Gilead, replacing the United States of America. Freedom is restricted by the religious, authoritarian regime, with women classified into different roles. The listener will find their spine tingling when introduced to this bleak world through the eyes of Offred, in her role to reproduce for one of the Commanders – Fred. Haunting descriptions of her daily life combine with breathtaking suspense as she tries to escape her life of oppression. 

Narrated by Elisabeth Moss, who starred as Offred in the TV adaptation, the audio experience will captivate listeners as they are immersed in the tyranny of Gilead. The powerful intensity and evocative storytelling are enhanced by a cast including Derek Jacobi and Ann Dowd as the series moves on into The Testaments.   

Canadian writer Margaret Atwood released the original Handmaid’s Tale in 1985, set in New England around 2005. Inspired by observing worrying cultural trends, Atwood aimed to speculate on a future with those trends taken to their disturbing conclusions. The gripping narrative highlights themes of politics, religion and gender inequality that feel just as relevant today. 

The multi-award-winning Handmaid’s Tale led to a 1990 film adaptation, a 2000 opera and a television series beginning in 2017. The latter, starring Elisabeth Moss and with Atwood serving as a consultant producer, has won eight Primetime Emmy awards and fascinated countless new fans. Start listening and step into this shocking, cautionary tale of the future.

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