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Octonauts: The Great Algae Escape and Other Stories Publisher's Summary

Join the Octonauts in this first collection of exciting underwater adventures adapted from the popular children's television series! The Octonauts are a team of quirky and courageous undersea adventurers who are always ready to dive into action. The Octonauts' mission is to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect our oceans.

Episodes include:

  • The Whale Shark
  • Creature Report: Whale Shark
  • The Undersea Storm
  • Creature Report: Reef Lobsters
  • The Crab and Urchin
  • Creature Report: Crab and Urchin
  • The Walrus Chief
  • Creature Report: Walrus
  • The Flying Fish
  • Creature Report: Flying Fish
  • The Giant Squid
  • Creature Report: Giant Squid
  • The Orcas
  • Creature Report: Orcas
  • The Great Algae Escape
  • Creature Report: Algae
  • The Remipedes
  • Creature Report: Remipedes
  • The Speedy Sailfish
  • Creature Report: Sailfish
  • The Blobfish Brothers
  • Creature Report: Blobfish

©2017 OCTONAUTS™ OCTOPOD™ Meomi Design Inc. OCTONAUTS Copyright © 2017 Vampire Squid Productions Ltd, a member of the Silvergate Media group of companies. A co-production with Brown Bag Films. All rights reserved. (P)2017 OCTONAUTS™ Meomi Design Inc. OCTONAUTS © 2017 Vampire Squid Productions Ltd. A co-production with Brown Bag Films.
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