Flesh Wars

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The Serpentine Fire Publisher's Summary


All that remains of its victims is charred human ash - as if she'd been torched from within. What looks like a freak accident to others, Detective Eric Bannon and medical examiner Angelica Hunter have seen before, and they have chased the monster that has spawned in India from where mankind had first encountered its deadly force. They are now truly the only two human beings who have had experience with the Kundalini snake god of ancient India. While they had once thwarted its deadly rampage, on one continent, they have learned of its having been reborn in the belly of a cult follower in the sequel, FLESH WARS...

The creature too has learned of its enemy, mankind by the time of FLESH WARS as it was killed or so everyone thought, but the evil returns with a vendetta born of its wicked DNA in book two. Whereas before it only took the prey it needed to survive in its mad quest to conquer a world, it is by book two bent on spreading an epidemic to wipe out all mankind.

The heroic efforts of a cop and a doctor may be mankind's only hope against this monster that has the ability to combust men like tender kindling to suck in the elemental gases of victims, leaving only a few knuckle and ankle bones.

This is the prequel to FLESH WARS wherein the action returns to India where the belief in the creature has spawned a protective cult devoted to its life...


As the temperature rises, so does the chaos. Nationwide, preachers of doom are predicting Armageddon. But when Brannon and Hunter discover the scales of a serpent at the death scenes, the strange clue leads them to a conclusion far more frightening than the Rapture.

©2010 Robert W. Walker (P)2013 Robert W. Walker
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