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Your Biggest Breakthrough

By: Wendie Pett ND and Todd Isberner
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  • People have learned from other people’s stories since the beginning of time. Stories stir the soul. Stories reveal. Stories heal. Why? Because hearing someone’s story allows the listener to see how that person overcame their challenge. Everyone loves to see the victorious outcome from an underdog position and how one elevated to their “next level” in life. In this podcast...Wendie and Todd will give you an inside look at someone who has had a personal or professional breakthrough that changed the course of their life, ultimately changing the course of those around them. Real people, real stories with real breakthroughs. Each episode will give you truth, tools, and tangible takeaways that will inspire, equip, and entertain you along your own life journey. Lean in. Listen well. This could be Your Biggest Breakthrough!
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  • Episode 137: Navigating Life's Unexpected Turns: Michelle Ross' Journey of Faith and Healing
    Apr 16 2024

    In this episode, our guest, Michelle Ross opens up about her journey of faith and trust, especially during the challenging times when her husband suffered a stroke, and she faced her own health issues. But what's remarkable is how she found solace and strength in relying on God, even in the darkest moments.

    She shares candidly about the importance of community and reaching out for help when needed. Michelle's message is all about taking those small steps toward healing and restoration, even when it seems daunting. And you know what? She's living proof that God doesn't waste our pain. Instead, He uses our struggles to build resilience and inspire others around us.

    Listening to Michelle's story will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged, reminding us all of the incredible power of faith and the goodness of God, even in the midst of adversity. So, grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired by Michelle's journey of hope and resilience!


    [00:00] Podcast Episode Preview

    [01:00] Podcast Topic Introduction

    [02:41] Guest's Background Introduction

    [04:30] The Impact of Michelle's Husband's Stroke

    [07:09] Questioning and Growing in Faith

    [08:30] Michelle's Faith Journey

    [10:23] Michelle's Struggles as Preacher's Kid

    [12:30] Rebounding Into Worse Relationships

    [15:04] Michelle's Experience with Homelessness

    [16:35] Reconnecting with God and the Church

    [18:43] Real Encounter with God

    [20:03] Overcoming Health Issues Through Lifestyle Changes

    [24:16] The Connection Between Diet, Mind, and Spirit

    [28:00] The Ministry of Receiving Help

    [29:58] The Importance of Community and Support

    [32:19] The Impact of Michelle's Story on Others

    [33:35] God Does Not Waste Our Pains

    [36:44] Practical Tips for Those Going Through Tough Times

    [40:30] Invitation to Access Free Resources and Conclusion


    KSWP Website



    Guest's bio:

    Michelle Ross is the president and general manager of KSWP radio in Lufkin, Texas, a station founded by her father over 30 years ago. Throughout her 29-year career, she has worked every conceivable job within the radio industry and has been a pillar of strength for the station.

    Michelle's life took a dramatic turn when her husband, Al, suffered a massive stroke, transforming her into a 24-hour caregiver. Despite the challenges, Michelle's faith has not wavered. She shared with us her journey from being a prodigal child to experiencing numerous breakthroughs in her life, including a return to Christ, healing in her marriage, overcoming disabling pain and food allergies, and now, navigating the uncertain path of her husband's recovery.

    As a pastor of "The River, a church for whosoever," Michelle continues to lead her congregation while caring for Al. Her story is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of community support, and the joy that can be found even in the midst of life's toughest trials.

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    To find out...

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    42 mins
  • Episode 136: Surrendering to God for Healing and Transformation with Nancy Willette
    Apr 2 2024

    In this episode, our guest, Nancy Willette shares her journey of faith and transformation, from living a structured life to finding her true passion in the outdoors. She opens up about her struggles with alcohol and the moment of despair that led her to seek God's help. Through divine intervention, Nancy encounters a man in need of hope and redemption, and together they experience the power of God's love and obedience. This story highlights the importance of being open to God's leading and the impact we can have on others when we allow Him to work through us.

    In this conversation, Nancy Willette shares her journey of hiding her true self and the pain it caused. She emphasizes the power of surrendering to God and overcoming shame. Nancy discusses the prayer of surrender and the challenge of letting go of control.

    She also talks about surrendering to God's will and seeking help from others. Nancy shares how surrender played a role in her transition from a career in finance to becoming a fly fishing instructor. She highlights the importance of surrendering to God's healing and miracles and the impact it has had on her life. Nancy concludes by discussing the connection between surrender and fly fishing as a metaphor for faith.


    [00:00] - Podcast Preview

    [00:32] - Podcast Episode and Guest Introduction

    [03:50] - Nancy's RV Lifestyle and Love for Fishing

    [05:30] - Nancy's Faith Journey and Alcohol Struggle

    [06:22] - The Turning Point from Despair

    [08:06] - The Conflict of Living a Double Life

    [09:20] - Nancy's Moment of Surrender

    [10:03] - The Intervention and Recovery

    [11:49] - The Power of Asking God for Help

    [14:28] - The Story of Steve and Divine Intervention

    [19:08] - The Importance of Obedience and Listening

    [20:00] - The Pain of Hiding and Shame

    [23:08] - Encouragement for Those Struggling

    [24:12] - Nancy's Transition from Finance to Fly Fishing

    [27:03] - Nancy's Simple Prayer and Surrender

    [29:40] - The Healing Journey and New Beginnings

    [31:30] - Fly Fishing as a Ministry

    [33:56] - Writing a Book of Faith and Fishing Stories

    [36:02] - Living Boldly for God

    [37:14] - Divine Protection and Future Plans

    [39:02] - The Metaphor of Fly Fishing and Faith

    [40:52] - Praying for Listeners and Encouragement

    [42:24] - Episode Wrap-up and Takeaways

    Guest's bio and social handles:



    Nancy Willette was formerly involved in the financial planning world. However, she has now transitioned to a life filled with adventures. Living out her dream, she now resides in an RV, accompanied by her dog, and spends her time fly fishing and instructing others in this skill, becoming an accomplished angler herself. Her mantra is to never give up on your miracle.

    Call to action:

    Make sure to visit for your FREE access to our e-book and audiobook, "Unstoppable: Divine Intervention in Overcoming Adversity," showcasing six powerful real-life stories. Get ready to be inspired by these mind-blowing breakthroughs!

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    45 mins
  • Episode 135: Preston and Holly Todd's Faith Journey and Mission to End Slavery with Matthew 10 International
    Mar 19 2024

    In today's episode, we have a captivating conversation with Preston and Holly Todd, a couple whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith.

    Join us as Preston and Holly share their personal stories of conversion, love, and purpose. From encountering Jesus in supernatural ways to stepping out of their comfort zones and into the mission field, their experiences are both awe-inspiring and deeply moving.

    We delve into their involvement with the Matthew 10 ministry, where they are on the front lines of setting people free from the chains of brick kiln slavery in Pakistan. Learn how virtual gospel crusades during the pandemic became a lifeline for those in need and how you can be a part of this impactful work.

    From the harsh reality of brick kiln slavery to the joy of celebrating freedom, Preston and Holly emphasize the importance of taking action and making a difference. Find out how you can be part of this transformative mission and help rebuild lives.

    Tune in for a powerful conversation filled with faith, love, and an unwavering commitment to serve others. This is more than a podcast—it's an invitation to join a movement of hope and restoration. Don't miss out!


    (00:00:00) Podcast and Guests Introduction

    (00:04:08) Conversion Story of Holly

    (00:07:37) Conversion Story Preston

    (00:09:44) Meeting and Falling in Love

    (00:12:17) Prayer and Trusting God's Timing

    (00:15:11) Deep Intimacy with Christ

    (00:19:22) Growing in Faith and Trusting God in Suffering

    (00:27:00) How Their Faith Affects Their Family

    (00:33:41) Meeting Dr. Pete Sulack

    (00:37:00) Supernatural Encounter with Jesus

    (00:40:00) Spreading the Gospel Virtually

    (00:41:17) Journey to Pakistan

    (00:44:10) Discovering the Reality of Brick Kiln Slavery

    (00:46:40) Causes and Consequences of Debt Bondage

    (00:51:10) Taking Action and Making a Difference

    (00:56:36) Freedom Celebrations and Re-establishment

    (01:01:07) The Impact of Setting People Free

    (01:04:26) Opportunity for Involvement and Transformation

    Resources mentioned:

    Matthew 10 International

    Help us set 12 families free this year: Donate here:

    Guest's bio and social handles:

    Preston Todd and Holly Scurry Todd are the VP of Global Missions & Discipleship and Church Planting at Matthew 10 International. They bring the gospel into difficult-to-access nations and they help to set captives free, literally, spiritually, and physically. They're on a mission to lead the lost to Jesus and rescue multi-generational families out of decades of slavery in the Middle East.

    In addition to serving at Matthew Ten International, it's their joy to lead ascent mentors and they have a huge desire to see young men and women connect to the heart of God and experience the relational nature of Jesus Christ through the power of one on one mentorship. When Holly and Preston were both in high school, they came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior because their young life leaders intentionally spent time with them and taught them how to know Jesus instead of just knowing about him. And since then, they've had a passion to meet kids right where they are and help them truly know him as the best gift this side of heaven.

    Preston and Holly Todd Holly are newlyweds and they would both say that they have married their dream spouse. Holly is a bonus mom to Preston's eleven-year-old twins, Ruth and Liam. The word of God is their source of strength and their life verse is Acts 20:24.


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    1 hr and 8 mins

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