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The Halloween Raid

A GameLit Short Story
Narrated by: Dave Price
Length: 55 mins
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Publisher's Summary

Trick or be eaten.

When Edward’s big brother gets lost during the Halloween raid, he decides to sneak inside the pumpkin looming over London and become a raider himself. But will he manage to survive Halloween night, when the challenges he faces seem to have changed since last year, when his best friend is also missing inside the witch’s house, and when the aliens seem to have turned this whole thing into some sort of video game?

©2018 George Saoulidis (P)2019 George Saoulidis

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  • Ray Johnson
  • 01-02-2019

Lite Litrpg fun

Ok, so I am always griping about wanting a good LITRPG short story, and I just might have found one. There really are two things that are drawbacks when it comes to this audio. The first, and I have to be realistic, are you willing to spend 3 dollars on a 55 minute story? I am. I mean hell, I spend more money on that for a comic book that I’ll read in under 10 minutes. So, if it is good it is justified. The only other thing is that this is LITRPG, it just isn’t uber crunchy because a lot of crunch would have sent the time on this soaring. So, fair warning, don’t get all hot under the collar when I say it isn’t dense with stats and stuff. This is a short story, and that’s that.

Now, I have been reading/listening to George’s stuff for some time, and I have to say that one of my favorite stories is called You Have Too Many Friends. It is really short, but very memorable. Honestly, it carried a lot of weight and has stuck in my head since I listened to it. The Halloween Raid holds its own pretty well.

The story is pretty simple, and a lot of things go unanswered, as they should in a short tale. You should be able to make your own conclusions. Basically once a year a giant jack o lantern pops up in Europe or the US (it swaps out every year) around Halloween. People or players enter the giant pumpkin t fight monsters and earn loot that can set them up. No one really knows where the thing comes from, but speculation says it is aliens. The play in the pumpkin is like this, you can return to play as much as you like year after year until you die. The play level setting is set to hardcore, and so if you die once you are out of play the rest of your life. Bad news is that 1 out of 1000 people who die in the pumpkin never return. No one knows what happens to them. They just get considered as dead, and people move on. The MC’s brother has a team that goes in year after year, and they leave Edward behind because he promised his mother that he wouldn’t go in. Edward watches his brother’s team get wiped out on live feed and he rushes to see if his brother made it back.

Now, lets just say that Edward is now the guy who has to gather some loot because his brother cannot go back inside for reasons, and the fool rushes in without any kind of gear or protection. He hopes that he can grab some loot and make his way out before he gets killed when things start to reaspawn. The Lit stuff only appears in the Pumpkin, but it is there, and while this is a lite Litrpg short it is still Litrpg all the way.
I enjoyed the story, and it did not go in the direction I was certain that it was going to. IN fact, this seems to be a very good set up for a longer novella, George does those a lot. I would like to see this idea fleshed out more fully

Dave Price handles the narration pretty well, and he provides a lot of voices and attitude in each of the characters. I think the only off fleek moment was when the witch spoke, but even as corny as it was it worked.

Final score 7.8. I enjoyed it, but don’t know if you are going to swing triple Georges for a listen. It was fun.

Even though I did receive a promo code for this review it in no way influenced my considerations of the material, and in fact, inspired me to be more honest. Getting a code generally makes me harsher as a reviewer as I am more often concerned what someone like Me will decide based on my review.

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  • Ostfeld
  • 21-01-2019

An alien podcast.

Once again the short stories talented author George Saoulidis gets it right on!
30 minutes and you are in a rat maze, an alien rat maze not knowing where it came from or how it got there but it’s a great way of making money, only don’t die because you are not coming back for a second chance.
What’s going on in the maze? Not telling.
Whats amazing is that he manages to cramp so much in so little.
Good choice of using Dave Price for narration.
Can’t not enjoy the story that’s for sure, I only wish for more but that’s the nature of short stories.

Recommended !!

In exchange for an honest review I’ve received this audiobook.

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