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  • Mar 27 2021
    I don’t, I don’t know what this is, but I know I love it... In this episode, we take a look back at all the songs Delta Goodrem has released over her career which were neither part of a studio album nor a B-side. This includes standalone singles from 2001’s ‘I Don’t Care’ all the way up to 2020’s ‘Let It Rain’, plus the soundtrack album ‘I Honestly Love You’ from the 2018 Olivia Newton-John biopic.
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    54 mins
  • Feb 27 2021
    It’s the moment you’ve been Waiting For Forever for. In this episode Kyle, Jason and guest host Paddy Ljinders discuss all of Delta Goodrem’s B-sides tracks. So close your eyes and Visualise, as tracks spanning twenty years and six eras are Uncovered.
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    1 hr
  • Jan 30 2021

    Join Jason, Kyle & Bryn as they discuss the Fearless Queen Delta Goodrem’s 5th studio album, the #1 record Wings of the Wild.

    Hear an exclusive interview with director Anthony Rose who worked with Delta on four music videos: I Don’t Care, A Little Too Late, Wings and Dear Life.

    And find out who knows all the lyrics to the Heavy middle-8!

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    1 hr and 3 mins
  • Jan 1 2021

    Join Bryn, Kyle & Jason as we analyse Delta’s 4th studio album, Child of the Universe. Discussing hit tracks, Sitting on Top of the World, to album highlights, The Speed of Life, we remember why this album got us Hypnotized. We also have an exclusive interview with writer and producer Gary Clark, who worked on ten of the album’s tracks.

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    1 hr and 6 mins
  • Dec 13 2020
    O come all ye faithful Delta Goodrem fans as we celebrate Delta’s Christmas tracks and performances past, present and future. We discuss her latest Christmas album, Only Santa Knows, our favourite seasonal tracks and coconut pie. Only Santa Knows is available NOW on CD and vinyl, and to download and stream. https://deltagoodremshopau.com
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    37 mins
  • Nov 22 2020
    Put your Brave Face on as we review iconic tracks from Delta’s third studio album, her self-titled album Delta. Also hear from a fan who had the opportunity to meet Delta in the recording studio for one of the album tracks. And which music video reminds Jason of Ikea? Special thanks goes to our guest host Lee Taylor and guest Natalie Christian.
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    47 mins
  • Sep 12 2020
    Free your mind as we analyse Delta’s second album, Mistaken Identity. Discussing our favourite songs, hidden tracks and why Delta needs a new computer.
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    32 mins
  • Aug 17 2020
    Join us as we delve into Delta’s No1, 15x platinum debut album, Innocent Eyes. We’ll discuss the hit tracks of the era, and share our ‘Goodrem’ and ‘Badrem’ songs of the album. Plus, find out which song reminds Jason of an Asda advert.
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    33 mins
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