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Norse Mythology: A Concise Guide to Gods, Heroes, Sagas, and Beliefs of Norse Mythology

Greek Mythology - Norse Mythology - Egyptian Mythology, Book 2
Narrated by: Tony Scheinman
Length: 1 hr and 11 mins
Categories: History, Europe

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Publisher's Summary

An introduction to such a vast subject as Norse mythology can be problematic, as it could well fall between two stools; so packed with details as to put one off, or so vague, that one is none the wiser for having read it. This audiobook manages a pleasing balance, succeeds in whetting the appetite and supplying excellent resources for the listener who wishes to know more.

You will hear about...

  • Creation in Norse mythology
  • The nine worlds
  • Major gods and goddesses
  • Valhalla
  • Ragnarok
  • The sagas
  • The influence of Norse mythology on our lives today

The author quotes generously from the most important relevant source which is freely available via Project Gutenberg, and you are left with the sounds and taste of the times... ringing in your ears and tingling on your tongue.

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Profile Image for eaglecliff
  • eaglecliff
  • 19-10-2018

great launching points for further research

Lecture provides some links, but mostly terminologies and names for launching points for further research

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    3 out of 5 stars
Profile Image for 🌈☮️ MICHÆL IRVINE ❤️
  • 🌈☮️ MICHÆL IRVINE ❤️
  • 03-02-2019

Too much paganism nonsense/overt evangelism‼️

The work here is obsessed with silly neo-Paganism; seems vainly to attempt reviving rightly long dead Norse and Teutonic belief systems. (Which Adolf Hitler and followers were also weirdly obsessed with. ) Most importantly, to get a more realistic view of basic Norse belief and the core of the real Mythologies, I strongly suggest the eBook & excellent Audiobook entitled, “Norse Mythology.” The book is available on Amazon (Kindle eBooks) & Audible together. The Mythic words of the “gods” themselves, provide an excellent view of how both graceless and hard-hearted, if not something like evil, all the leading personalities of most Norse gods, sadly were. Moreover, it is quite amazing to me that these grave, clueless, mean-spirited “gods” were ever actually sincerely worshiped — and are again in our badly educated and non-compassionate Modern peoples. Also, the magnum opus, “Norse Mythology” is entirely based from actual Edda texts/documents and contain most important details and insights. Specifically, my takeaway from all the stories are that I feel Loki is very complicated — and misunderstood; he is often rightly deeply critical of the Æsir as a whole, whom he undiplomatically points out are each far from virtuous paragons nor kind; they show an overt and pathetic cruelty toward Loki himself and especially to his completely innocent children, whom were all quite blameless and certainly not in the slightest worthy of the horrible, mean-spirited ridicule and horrific deaths given by the “Noble” gods. Moreover, I was angriest about the ill-treatment of Fenrir, the giant-sized wolf whom showed every indication of being faithful and quite obviously could have made all the difference to the aesir gods at the great final battle. Not to mention what seemed as a most unwise provocation of Loki himself, whom again, could easily have made all the difference at when the end-time battle came. More importantly, there was absolutely nothing Loki said (crossly) about the gods which was not spot-on; all harmful actions on his part could most easily have been reversed had the aesir gods not been so short-sighted and unforgiving. Yet the “wise” gods always chose to make things far, far worse for themselves had they not been so very haughty, emotionally constipated, and recklessly proud. —Thor and his dad Odin, both drove me crazy — by being so consistently irksome, deaf, blind & profoundly stupid! Regarding Paganism itself, it does not belong here in this AudioEbook. Mostly, it is so COMPLETELY like ALL other worthless organized RELIGIONS — in the words of the Dali Lama himself — are without exception, each horribly lacking in the very same thing, be they Christian, Jew, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Hindu or NeoPagan: They every one, most sorely lack any real sense (or basis) in any REAL, CONSISTENT human COMPASSION‼️ More to the point, •ALL• organized religions, to quote Shakespeare’s Prince, at the tragic end of Romeo & Juliet, bellows in righteous indignation, “ALL! — ALL ARE PUNISHÉD!” —Or moreover, certainly deserve to be so. As the Dali Lama points out, It seems supremely manifest that all organized religious organizations have completely lost sight of what is both truly Good and Wise — and should be at the heart of ANY religion: Compassion‼️ It’s NOT about what’s “cool” nor exotic, nor entertaining. 🗝True Wisdom, found in all Great Mythologies, seems obviously to be, “Choose Life!” —Yet, to do that, and fulfill, one must look within; find real, very deep Compassion for both ourselves —and one another. ‘Nuff said. Thanks. 🙏🏻 ☮️ —🌈🕊MICHÆL IRVINE HART🧸 Volant, Pennsylvania (Old Order Amish Country)