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Once Upon a Desert Moon: Three Book Collection, Volume 1 Audiobook

Once Upon a Desert Moon: Three Book Collection, Volume 1

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Publisher's Summary

Three suspenseful stories plus three exclusive bonus scenes in one red-hot volume!

There's more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love. In Desert Moon, lonely pack alpha Ty Hawthorne meets his match. If only his destined mate weren't the daughter of a rival pack! In Desert Blood, sunny Cody Hawthorne faces the challenge of his life when a trio of vampires hunt down his fated mate - a beguiling woman who will never be accepted by his wolf pack. In Desert Fate, lone wolf and cop Kyle Williams comes face to face with all the good - and bad - of a troubled past. All three stories are packed with action, suspense, and romance! Each book is a complete standalone story - no cliffhangers.

Save money over the price of three individual books and get three exclusive bonus scenes that are only available in this box set - nowhere else! Including "Spring Hollow" (a fun bonus scene to Desert Moon), "Hot-Blooded Desert Nights" (a steamy bonus scene to Desert Blood), and "A Desert Valentine" (a heartwarming bonus epilogue to Desert Fate).

These are paranormal romances with adult content. The perfect story for fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, red-hot cowboys, romantic westerns, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, and fantasy romance! If you enjoy the books of T.S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Milly Taiden, you'll love these dark and dangerous shapeshifter romances!

©2015 Anna Lowe (P)2017 Anna Lowe

What Members Say

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    "Great series"


    Desert Moon book 1 of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch

    Ty and Lana caught each others sent years ago with no luck in finding the other. Now chance has finally brought them together only to throw one thing after another in their path to true love. Will the hatred between their families keep them apart? Will danger posed from rogue shifters stop them from being together? The only way to find out is to read this book. You wont regret it. This is the first book to a really good series from an great paranormal writer.

    Desert Blood book 2 of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch

    This book is great. I love the characters of Heather and Cody. Cody is hot, fun, sweet and loyal to those he loves. Heather strong sweet and loveable. Heather starts out clueless about werewolves but falls for Cody hard. Their romance is Hot and steamy. Add to that the danger from the serial killer into the mix and you have HOT intriguing shifter romance MUST READ book. One again Ms. Lowe has wrote an amazing book to delight your senses.

    Desert Fate book 3 of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch .

    While I loved the first 2 books - Desert Moon and Desert Blood I feel this is my favorite in the series. I just really liked Kyle and Stefanie. I liked their chemistry and how they were friends first. I can relate to Kyle. He feels so alone and like he doesn't fit anywhere until Stefanie reenters his life and he realizes she is his mate. I like Stefanie also, She's strong, independent and in her own way as lonely as Kyle. Now because of being bitten she is also a changeling Like Kyle and the guy that bit her thinks she is also his mate. To find out what happens your going to have to buy the book. You will love it to.

    *****Gifted copy by author ****

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  • Kim
    Halfway to Iowa
    "Awesome 3 pack set"

    Once Upon A Desert Moon is super packed with the first three stories of Desert Moon AND three bonus scenes. I really enjoyed being able to swing from one story into the next. I also appreciated how there was a sense of time between the stories. Each story doesn't pick up the next week from the last.

    The bonus scenes were after each story and were a little extra peak for each couple that was nice to hear. The first two were ok for me. The third and final was the best in my opinion. Maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day or maybe it was the gift that was given. I can't really say more than that without ruining the bonus scene. Each of the stories can be listened to separately.

    All the stories are an easy listen and very pleasurable with Kelsey Osborne as the narrator. While there was not a lot of vocal differential between all of the different characters in the three stories, Ms. Osborn made up for it in her wonderfully dramatic delivery. You could feel as if you were in front of the narrator as she wove the tales straight from the books hands.
    Desert Moon was swoon worthy as Lana and Ty meet and do a dance of denial. Ty is holding out for a memory and Lana doesn't want to be that woman who gives her heart away to find out she's not loved in return. The angst of being caught up in the story while Lana was trying to get Ty to realize she was there to support and love him. And to watch Ty struggle with taking over as the Alpha while making sure that he could also have love. All of that then add danger from outside of the ranch. My emotions were ramped up as Lana was faced with her final issues and facing the outside dangers.

    Desert Blood finds Heather running as fast as she can away from danger. Cody is at a crossing point in the pack, one where they need to recognize that he's not the class clown anymore. The last thing he needs is a human teacher distracting him. Okay, and this was hysterical to listen to – the second grade clean jokes. Yes, they are silly enough that I have been repeating them at work. As for Cody and Heather, they have a lot of internalizing going on. Enough that while understandable, you still want to shake them a little bit and say – talk – spit it out! Oh, ya and now my yoga won't ever be the same again – Wow.

    Desert Fate brings Stef to the Twin Moons ranch while on the run. She doesn't know what happened, where she is, or why she should travel the direction that she is. And that's when Fate steps in and throws Kyle in her path. I really could feel the pull of Kyle's loneliness and pain listening his story. But for all that , he can still be a dense guy! I'm on team Stef – she was extremely likeable as someone that was strong, independent, could & would fight back. But also had a soft and vulnerable side. She needed Kyle, her wolf needed him. Stef and Kyle were by far my favorite couple.

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  • Sandyinlargo
    Largo, FL

    These are the first three books in the Twin Moon Ranch saga. I've read the books right from the beginning and have adored all of them. Thanks to a very kind gift from the author, I now had the chance to listen to them.

    Desert Moon is the story of Ty and Lana. Just think of Romeo and Juliet with a better ending!

    Desert Blood is the story of Cody and Heather. Or to put it another way, the teacher and the class clown all grown up.

    Desert Fate is Kyle and Stephanie. This pair of lost souls get a second chance at love.

    Kelsey does a great job of narrating the books. I definitely will be getting the rest of the series!

    This review is offered freely, I hope it helps you!

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  • ShanCol19
    What did you love best about Once Upon a Desert Moon: Three Book Collection, Volume 1?

    I love all of the characters, and I love that Anna Lowe shows the shifters with their shifter characteristics more than some other authors.

    What did you like best about this story?

    I love all of the books! I loved this set because each book has extra bonus scenes that were wonderful! I always want more!

    Have you listened to any of Kelsey Osborne’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

    She always does a great job!

    Any additional comments?

    Full Reviews for each book -
    Desert Moon -
    I love shifters, and Anna Lowe does a great job of mixing shifters, romance, and suspense! I love the connection her characters have, and I love the hint of danger in this story! Lana, a wolf shifter, accompanies her grandmother to Arizona to help her get settled in her new home, and while she is there she meets, Ty, son of the Alpha and next in line to be Alpha of his pack. Lana and Ty feel an attraction and a connection to each other, but each has their reasons for trying to stay away from the other. Lana is a strong women, who doesn't want to be involved with an Alpha who just wants a little wife to take care of the home, and Ty tries to stay away from Lana because he felt a connection when he was younger, and is waiting for the person he calls his "Phantom", and also he believes his father may have some issue with Lana because of who her family is. On top of Ty and Lana figuring out what they want from each other, there are also some loose Rogues, who are killing things around Ty's family's land, so that adds to the pressure on Ty and Lana. They have excellent chemistry; awesome sex scenes! I liked that once Lana decided what she wanted, she went for it, and I enjoyed the depth of passion Ty and Lana feel. The trouble with the Rogues was intense! Exciting and fierce! I love how Anna Lowe had scenes where Lana and Ty are in their wolf forms, and I like the way the story unfolds. There are dual POV's, which is awesome, and I would have loved if Ty had another chapter in his POV after the events at the end. I love how strong both characters are, and I enjoyed the desert setting. I listened to the audiobook version of this book, and the narrator was good in some parts and not so good in others. She did a great job during the intimate scenes, but sometimes she would say things that didn't come across right, or were hard to hear, and also there were parts where it sounded like some parts were recorded at a different recording session, but luckily it didn't bring me out of the story too much. Looking forward to the next book in the series, and definitely want more from Anna Lowe!

    Desert Blood -

    I really enjoy Anna Lowe's books, I like her take on shifters, and each book is short and sweet, and packs a punch. I enjoy that each book is about a different couple, but there are still glimpses of the previous characters. In Desert Blood, Heather has experienced something insane, and she is being stalked by a creature that shouldn't exist, so she leaves her home and takes a job as a teacher at the Twin Moon Ranch. Cody is a werewolf, who is part of the Twin Moon Ranch pack, he's always been a sort of ladies man, but lately he is getting tired of not feeling a connection, and of putting on a show as the fun-loving, carefree guy, who isn't responsible enough to take on important roles in the pack, so he has decided to step-up in hopes of being taken more seriously, but it's difficult to change the way people think of you. When strange murders are happening near the ranch, Cody sees a chance to prove his worth to his father and the pack, but when Cody and his wolf start feeling a draw towards Heather, a human, a wrench is thrown into his plans. Cody's father would not approve of Cody mating with a human, so Cody tries to resist his pull towards Heather, and Heather is only suppose to be at the ranch for a short time, so she tries to resist her attraction towards Cody, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I like that in Anna Lowe's books there are some action scenes; they are intense! Both characters are great, and I was only ticked at Cody at one point in this book, and I was sort of hoping that he would have to answer for that a little bit more. Heather is strong, and I loved the scenes with her field hockey stick; badass! The intimate scenes were great too, we get a dirty dancing type scene, that was hot! And there is also, a yoga type scene that was interesting to picture, lol! I like that there is POV's from both Cody and Heather, and they are super sweet together. Definitely reading the next book in this series, and looking forward to more from Anna Lowe!

    Desert Fate -
    I love all of Anna Lowe's books so far, so it's no surprise that I loved this one! In this one, Kyle comes across Stefanie in the desert, she is scared and in a panic, and he wants to help, but she doesn't know who she can trust. Stefanie has been on the run after being attacked by something she is finding it hard to believe in, but Kyle knows and offers to help her. Stefanie agrees to Kyle helping when she realizes that she knows him from when she was a teenager. Kyle and Stefanie feel a connection, but the situation is intense, so they both try to withstand their attraction towards the other. I loved the backstory between Kyle and Stef, and the romance is really sweet. I was getting a little ticked at the pack for not helping Stef more with her situation, and they really need to tell people what's what before it becomes too late, but I loved seeing some of the characters from the previous books! Stef is a tough chick, who has to handle a lot, and she did great! I loved how protective of Stef Kyle was! They have a wonderful connection, and I enjoyed reading their story! I also listened to the audiobook version, and the narrator does an excellent job! Anna Lowe's books are always entertaining, so I'm definitely looking forward to more!

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  • Suzzie
    "Truly superb"

    Loved the three stories. Each one continued to build the cast of characters. Got to love an author who writes a strong man and woman. These are no wimps. Truly a superb job. Love listening to a book when I can't read.

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  • Amazon CustomerBeliever

    This three book set is a great start to a great series. There are three more books but they are not on audio so I will have to wait to listen to them when the author makes them a set of audiobooks. The first book is about the oldest son who is being groomed to take the old alpha's place. He is haunted by an elusive woman who was on the ranch while he was away. She returns but is the daughter of the alpha's enemy. They fall hard and fast but fight it every step of the way. The second book is about the second son who falls for a human. He has to not only fight against his Dad trying to force a mate on him he must also solve the case of the vampires who are on a killing spree. The third is about one of the wolves who was brought into their clan after being brutally beaten. All of the stories are well developed and the narrator does a fine job with each character. I really hope the author hurries and get the next set ready. Don't be in such a rush that you mess up the audio but I want to know what happens to the other children. I am regulated to audiobooks now due to poor eyesight. I can't read all of the books as fast as I need to. There are so many good ones out there.
    this set is a great addition if you like strong alphas and the strong women they love as well as a good story to go along with the sex. The story is the main part and the sex is just a part of it and not the dominant force driving the book.

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  • Amber Alverson
    "Three Howlin' Good Stories"
    If you could sum up Once Upon a Desert Moon: Three Book Collection, Volume 1 in three words, what would they be?

    Super Sexy Sweet

    Any additional comments?

    Anna Lowe writes great romance stories throwing in mystery and suspense.
    Each book revolves around around two people needing to come together. The way the stories are written create a successful paranormal world.
    My favorite in this collection was Ty and Lana in book 1. Their reunion was fun to listen to. In book 3, the entire story was unique, so I was enthralled. But, all three books are written really well.
    In this 3 book collection there are extra bonus scenes that are fabulously fun to listen to!

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  • Pam louis
    "Fantastic story"

    Book one
    My was my first book by Anna Lowe but not the last. Wow. I am normally not to much of western fan but I really loved this shifter western. It has just the right mix of mystery and troublemakers to make for an interesting story, even if there is one woman you just want to hit over the head. Lol but you will have to read to see what I mean.
    Small overview:
    It only took one smell of each other on the wind to change them forever even if they didn't run into each other at that time but 12 years later things have changed they have changed and live is going to get interesting lol.

    Great story and I was truly caught up it. If you like shifters then give this story a try. I think you love it.

    Book two
    The story of Cody and Heather
    heather is on the run for her life and Cody is the bad boy of the west that every girl wants! Now he only wants her! His dad I just love to hate! He wants to mess with everyones happiness. Did I mention that there are vampires in this one? Well there are. And they don't sparkle and aren't nice. What a great story. I LOVE this series! It's wonderful

    Book three
    Every time I read one of Anna story's I am amazed how wonderful they are. They never fail to draw me in and I just can't seem to put the book down lol.
    This story is about Kyle, he has been in almost all of the other books as a human turned wolf who works as a cop. I have sooooo been wanting him to have his story so yeah!
    and Stefanie, she was bitten also and turned but the whole story is wrapped around that so I am not going to tell ya more!
    The story is OMG WOW!
    so full of action, Drama, twists, hotness, romance, great storyline I could go on but I think ya got the point! Lol
    this author has a great eye for story details and planning and that makes for an awesome story.
    It's a must read and should be 10 stars!
    I can honestly say I loved it and you should read it!

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  • Kaitlin
    "Stopped Listening"

    It takes a LOT for me to walk away from a book without finishing but that's what I did here. The author used an EXCESSIVE amount of similes, metaphors, and florid language - we get it; it's a romance novel; you don't have to beat us over the head with poetic language that you think will make our hearts flutter. Seriously, I'd rather have character building than being told something like how the desert released a collective sigh with all the hope of the future to come as he kissed her like he was going down a wish list because she is his everything; his heart and his soul and in the moment between kisses, upon shared breathe, he glimpsed his past, present, and hints of the future that they could share together(this is how it reads.... almost every line. ugh.). It was just too much! Also, there's no real build up to the relationship/conflict/resolution, it's just BOOM! instant love.

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • Heini
    "Ive read so much better. "

    Wow, where to start. Too many repeats, and too many words about nothing really. The "Inner Wolf" thing was really annoying and came up often and often the same mantra words over and over. Gave up on the first book, second and third were better. All books just kinda made me feel frustrated, like "get to the point already!" with everything dragging on and on. Some stuff were over dramatic to the point of corny. The narrator should put more voice into the characters ..or something. Got confused alot at times on who was talking. Was really not for me tbh. Going back to Laurann Dohner.

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