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10 Proven Ways to Overcome OCPD Tendencies: Reprogram Your Perfectionistic Brain at Its Core

Transcend Mediocrity, Book 114
By: J.B. Snow
Narrated by: Carl Moore
Length: 22 mins
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Publisher's Summary

Many of my readers and listeners email me. They may be in relationships with people who are diagnosed with OCPD, or they have been diagnosed with OCPD themselves. Some of them have parents, siblings, children, or friends with OCPD. Many people who know someone with OCPD want to know how to help the OCPD sufferer from doing some of his or her repetitive or negative behaviors. They may be bothered by the OCPD person's behaviors, or they want to help the OCPD person to live a more fulfilling life overall.

People with OCPD may want to fit in with others but may be completely oblivious as to how to do so. Or they may be content with who they are. They may be rejecting of others who try to change them. OCPD has helped them to survive thus far in their lives. Many people who have OCPD often have family members who also have OCPD or OCD tendencies. OCPD has served a purpose in their lives, but they are sometimes frustrated with the limitations of OCPD.

People with OCPD are generally socially awkward on some level. They have an overall obsessive-compulsive and rigid personality that is bothersome to others who are around them. They may be aggressive, rude, or abrasive with others. Or they may simply struggle with perfectionistic tendencies that are holding them back from completing projects and job changes.

This audiobook seeks to help an OCPD person overcome his or her rigidity. It also helps an OCPD person to overcome unwanted or repetitive behaviors. A non-OCPD person can learn from this book also. It helps to show non-OCPD persons what types of behavior and thinking an OCPD person must overcome in order to be like other people. In order to better understand another person, we must try to view the world from his or her perspective. It is only then that we can appreciate the struggles and challenges that person goes through.

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