Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time, but you can give the gift of membership for 3, 6, or 12 months. Learn more
If a current member receives a gift membership they will receive all the credits of the gift immediately. Learn more
Unfortunately you cannot use an Amazon gift card at this time to purchase Audiobooks. Learn more
Gift credits do not count towards your rollover limit and will not cause any of your membership credits to expire. Learn more
An Audible gift (membership or title) can only be redeemed on the same marketplace the gift was purchased.

If you want to purchase a gift for someone who resides in the US for example, we recommend purchasing the gift in the website which is Audible US base market. You can use the same email address and password you use in Australia to sign in to the Audible US website.

Audible operates across many countries and as a result we have created separate marketplaces to better cater content for each region.Currently, there is - the US marketplace, Audible UK, Audible DE (Germany), Audible FR (France), Audible JP (Japan), (Australia), and Audible IT (Italy).Audible JP (Japan), Audible CA (Canada), Audible IN (India).