Audible for Dogs

Dog's new best friend
We partnered with dog-lover Osher Günsberg and animal behaviourist Dr. Susan Hazel to curate a selection of audiobooks for your dog, chosen for their canine calming potential. Pick one of our pawsome audiobooks featured below for your pup, discover how Audible for Dogs works, and try it now with your Alexa device!

How does it work?

Pick one of the recommended
audiobooks to play for your dog—they’ve
been chosen because they’re soothing.

Set up your home listening device (such as
an Amazon Echo) somewhere your dog
feels most comfortable.

Play the audiobook a few minutes before
you leave the house—and don’t interrupt
your dog’s listening to say goodbye.

Check out the full Audible for Dogs Library

Audiobooks in the Audible for Dogs library have been expertly-curated, chosen for their calming narration and evenly paced narrative. No matter the length of your work day, your pup will have company while you're away from home.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home donation

We’ve partnered with the Sydney Dogs and Cat’s Home to play audiobooks to their rescue dogs, and will donate $1.00 per purchase of any audiobook in the Audible for Dogs collection to the Home for 12 months until 02/11/19, up to $10,000.

Sub-woofers at the ready!

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What do the experts say?

Audible for Dogs was inspired by an independent study by Hartpury College in the UK. The study suggests listening to audiobooks can positively influence kenneled dogs’ behaviour, spending less time alert and more time resting compared to other audio influences like music (Hartpury University Centre, Department of Animal and Land Sciences, The effects of audiobooks on the behaviour of dogs at rehoming kennels, Nov 2015).