Beran Parry

Beran Parry

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Profound knowledge and recognised expertise are the solid operational foundations for Beran Parry Ph.D. Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Qualified Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Certified EFT and Reiki Master Therapist. Beran also practices functional medicine nutrition having initially studied at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina USA and interned for several years with the renowned functional medicine professor, Dr. Anne Lannoye. Beran is a bestselling Amazon author of over 40 nutrition books including 25 bestsellers and one of the foremost nutritionists and wellbeing experts in her field. As a celebrated authority who consults and lectures around the world, Beran advises each of her patients and clients on the best possible functional medicine and eating strategies for health, for longevity and for lasting weight control. She has developed a series of fabulous and highly effective nutritional strategies and exercise programs. She applies her encyclopaedic knowledge and astonishing perception to analyse the backgound and underlying causes of eating behaviours and then designs individualised and totally effective weight loss strategies to produce the desired results. With her Ph.D in natural medicine and qualifications in ten different aspects of nutritional therapy, Beran is totally committed to helping her patients and clients discover their ideal expression of complete wellbeing. Drawing on a wide range of professional skills and the latest scientific research, she uses a combination of dynamic longevity and weight control strategies such as cutting edge nutritional science data and natural medicine peer reviewed studies to offer the best options for all-round wellbeing and robust, natural health. Beran Parry has been studying and consulting for more than three decades and is involved today in a series of intensive research programmes, working with renowned Doctors, Scientists and Specialists. She has pursued her quest for knowledge in South Africa, Great Britain, the United States and India to fulfil her mission to bring her clients, her audiences and her readers the best of truly effective nutritional advice. Her studies and qualifications reflect her profound knowledge of functional medicine, herbal medicine, natural medicine and nutritional therapy, of the psychological impact of eating disorders, of the complexity of hormone imbalances. She works with athletes to provide the best form of sports nutrition and has years of practical experience as an Ayurvedic and a Functional Medicine practitioner. Against this background of knowledge and passion and expertise, it is her mission is to share the life-changing wonders of these incredibly effective ways of fuelling the body. Her mission is to be a positive force for change in the world of health and wellbeing. In Beran’s next two books she will be exploring the incredible range of natural medicine healing strategies for our immune system as well as creating longevity in every aspect of our lives. Our genetic expression can be influenced to work absolutely for our weight loss, for our health and for our complete wellbeing. The key is in our diet. By removing the harmful, toxic components that make up such a large proportion of the modern, Western diet, we can re-programme our bodies to become fat-burning furnaces that turn fat into raw energy, boosting our health and turning back the biological body clock, restoring our metabolisms to their natural, peak efficiency. The differences can be astounding. In her new series of books based the real benefits of she provides solutions to... * Turn your habits and behaviour into your new best friends * Smile whenever you look in the mirror * Banish all the poisons from your life and wake up to a healthier leaner new you Beran’s clinic in Gibraltar, Spain and her International Clinic offer year round functional medicine diagnostics and personalized detailed strategies for renewed energy and vitality, a protected immune system, astounding longevity and metabolic renewel. * Re-balance your microbiome and put your body back in control * Discover the special helpers that support and boost your metabolism
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