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Narrator: Amy Schumer
  • The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
  • By: Amy Schumer
  • 335 ratings
  • Narrator: Amy Schumer
  • Duration: 8 hrs
  • Format: Unabridged
  • In The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy shares stories about her family, her relationships, her career, good - and bad - sex, recounting the experiences that have shaped who she is today: from the riches to rags story of her childhood to her teenage quest for popularity (and boys) to becoming one of the most sought-after comedians on the planet and an outspoken advocate for women's rights.
Narrator: Caroline Lee
  • Truly Madly Guilty
  • By: Liane Moriarty
  • 350 ratings
  • Narrator: Caroline Lee
  • Duration: 17 hrs and 39 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • What if they hadn't gone? That's the question Clementine can't stop asking herself. It was just a backyard barbeque. They didn't know their hosts that well. They were friends of friends. They could so easily have said no. But she and her husband, Sam, said yes, and now they can never change what they did and didn't do that beautiful winter's day.
Narrator: Vishen Lakhiani
  • The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
  • By: Vishen Lakhiani
  • 442 ratings
  • Narrator: Vishen Lakhiani
  • Duration: 9 hrs
  • Format: Unabridged
  • The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a blueprint of laws to break us free from the shackles of ordinary life. It makes a case that everything we know about the world is mostly decided not by rational choice but instead by conditioning and habit. And thus most people live their lives based on limiting rules and outdated beliefs about pretty much everything - love, work, money, parenting, sex, health, and more - that they inherit and pass on from generation to generation.
Narrator: Fred Sanders
  • Elon Musk
  • By: Ashlee Vance
  • 1188 ratings
  • Narrator: Fred Sanders
  • Duration: 13 hrs and 23 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • South African-born Elon Musk is the renowned entrepreneur and innovator behind PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. Musk wants to save our planet; he wants to send citizens into space, to form a colony on Mars; he wants to make money while doing these things; and he wants us all to know about it. He is the real-life inspiration for the Iron Man series of films starring Robert Downey, Jr. The personal tale of Musk's life comes with all the trappings one associates with a great, drama-filled story.
Narrator: Clare Corbett
  • The Girl on the Train
  • By: Paula Hawkins
  • 2975 ratings
  • Narrator: Clare Corbett, India Fisher, Louise Brealey
  • Duration: 10 hrs and 57 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking a row of back gardens. She's even started to feel like she knows the people who live in one of the houses. 'Jess and Jason', she calls them. Their life - as she sees it - is perfect. If only Rachel could be that happy. And then she sees something shocking. It's only a minute until the train moves on, but it's enough. Now everything's changed.
Narrator: Stephen Fry
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Book 1
  • By: J.K. Rowling
  • 1103 ratings
  • Narrator: Stephen Fry
  • Duration: 8 hrs and 43 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry's eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An incredible adventure is about to begin!
Narrator: Rachel Atkins
  • I See You
  • By: Clare Mackintosh
  • 346 ratings
  • Narrator: Rachel Atkins
  • Duration: 10 hrs and 59 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • When Zoe Walker sees her photo in the classifieds section of a London newspaper, she is determined to find out why it's there. There's no explanation, no website - just a grainy image and a phone number. She takes it home to her family, who are convinced it's just someone who looks like Zoe. But the next day the advert shows a photo of a different woman, and another the day after that.Is it a mistake? A coincidence? Or is someone keeping track of every move they make?
Narrator: Andrew MacMillan
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • By: Dale Carnegie
  • 790 ratings
  • Narrator: Andrew MacMillan
  • Duration: 7 hrs and 19 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • You can go after the job you want...and get it! You can take the job you have...and improve it! You can take any situation you're in...and make it work for you!
Narrator: Rabia Chaudry
  • Adnan's Story
  • By: Rabia Chaudry
  • 286 ratings
  • Narrator: Rabia Chaudry
  • Duration: 14 hrs and 31 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • On February 28, 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted and sentenced to life plus 30 years for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, a high school senior in Baltimore, Maryland. From the moment of his arrest, Syed has consistently maintained his innocence. Rabia Chaudry, a family friend, always believed him and has never given up the hope that he might someday be released. By 2013, however, after almost all appeals had been exhausted, things looked bleak. That was when Rabia contacted Sarah Koenig, a producer at This American Life.
Narrator: Becca Battoe
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • By: E. L. James
  • 367 ratings
  • Narrator: Becca Battoe
  • Duration: 19 hrs and 52 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind – until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man. And, when he warns her to keep her distance, it only makes her want him more.
Narrator: William Roberts
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything
  • By: Bill Bryson
  • 650 ratings
  • Narrator: William Roberts
  • Duration: 19 hrs and 2 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything is Bill Bryson's quest to understand everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization. He takes subjects that normally bore the pants off most of us, like geology, chemistry, and particle physics, and aims to render them comprehensible to people who have never thought they could be interested in science. In the company of some extraordinary scientists, Bill Bryson reveals the world in a way most of us have never seen it before.
Narrator: Roy Dotrice
  • A Game of Thrones
  • By: George R. R. Martin
  • 851 ratings
  • Narrator: Roy Dotrice
  • Duration: 33 hrs and 45 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • The complete, unabridged audiobook of A Game of Thrones. HBO’s hit series A Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s internationally best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A Game of Thrones is the first volume in the series. Summers span decades. Winter can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun.
Narrator: R. C. Bray
  • The Martian
  • By: Andy Weir
  • 2628 ratings
  • Narrator: R. C. Bray
  • Duration: 10 hrs and 53 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he's alive - and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive. Chances are, though, he won't have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plainold "human error" are much more likely to kill him first.
Narrator: Clare Corbett
  • The Widow
  • By: Fiona Barton
  • 382 ratings
  • Narrator: Clare Corbett
  • Duration: 10 hrs and 29 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Exclusive to Audible! Listen to a discussion between the author and the narrator of The Widow at the end of this recording. We've all seen him: the man - the monster - staring from the front page of every newspaper, accused of a terrible crime. But what about her: the woman who grips his arm on the courtroom stairs - the wife who stands by him? Jean Taylor's life was blissfully ordinary. Nice house, nice husband. Glen was all she'd ever wanted: her Prince Charming.
Narrator: Anna Acton
  • After You
  • By: Jojo Moyes
  • 430 ratings
  • Narrator: Anna Acton
  • Duration: 11 hrs and 8 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of After You by the Jojo Moyes, the stunning sequel to the worldwide phenomenon Me Before You. Jojo Moyes says: "I hadn't planned to write a sequel to Me Before You. But working on the movie script and reading the sheer volume of tweets and emails every day asking what Lou did with her life meant that the characters never left me."
Narrator: Rebecca Lowman
  • Eleanor & Park
  • By: Rainbow Rowell
  • 51 ratings
  • Narrator: Rebecca Lowman, Sunil Malhotra
  • Duration: 9 hrs
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Eleanor is the new girl in town, and she's never felt more alone. All mismatched clothes, mad red hair and chaotic home life, she couldn't stick out more if she tried. Then she takes the seat on the bus next to Park. Quiet, careful and - in Eleanor's eyes - impossibly cool, Park's worked out that flying under the radar is the best way to get by. Slowly, steadily, through late-night conversations and an ever-growing stack of mix tapes, Eleanor and Park fall in love. They fall in love the way you do the first time, when you're 16, and you have nothing and everything to lose.
Narrator: Tina Fey
  • Bossypants
  • By: Tina Fey
  • 434 ratings
  • Narrator: Tina Fey
  • Duration: 5 hrs and 30 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Once in a generation a woman comes along who changes everything. Tina Fey is not that woman, but she met that woman once and acted weird around her.

    Before 30 Rock, Mean Girls, and 'Sarah Palin', Tina Fey was just a young girl with a dream: a recurring stress dream that she was being chased through a local airport by her middle-school gym teacher. She also had a dream that one day she would be a comedian on TV. She has seen both these dreams come true.

Narrator: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Big Magic
  • By: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • 490 ratings
  • Narrator: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Duration: 5 hrs and 6 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Listeners of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert's books for years. Now this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, shattering the perceptions of mystery and suffering that surround the process - and showing us all just how easy it can be. By sharing stories from her own life as well as from her friends and the people who have inspired her, Elizabeth Gilbert challenges us to embrace our curiosity....
Narrator: Santino Fontana
  • You
  • By: Caroline Kepnes
  • 15 ratings
  • Narrator: Santino Fontana
  • Duration: 11 hrs and 6 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the bookstore where Joe works, he is instantly smitten. Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted: tough, razor-smart, and sexier than his wildest dreams. He'd kill to have her. Soon Beck can't resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her. When a string of macabre incidents tears her world apart, there is only one person she can turn to. But there's more to Joe than Beck realizes and much more to Beck than her perfect facade.
  • World War Z
  • By: Max Brooks
  • 248 ratings
  • Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Rupert Farley, Nigel Pilkington, Jennifer Woodward, David Thorpe, Adam Sims, Robert Slade
  • Duration: 14 hrs
  • Format: Unabridged
  • The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity. Max Brooks, driven by the urgency of preserving the acid-etched firsthand experiences of the survivors from those apocalyptic years, traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world, from decimated cities that once teemed with upwards of thirty million souls to the most remote and inhospitable areas of the planet. He recorded the testimony of men, women, and sometimes children who came face-to-face with the living - or at least the undead - hell of that dreadful time.
Narrator: Oliver Wyman
  • A Little Life
  • By: Hanya Yanagihara
  • 234 ratings
  • Narrator: Oliver Wyman
  • Duration: 32 hrs and 51 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2015. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara is an immensely powerful and heartbreaking novel of brotherly love and the limits of human endurance. When four graduates from a small Massachusetts college move to New York to make their way, they're broke, adrift and buoyed only by their friendship and ambition. Over the decades, their relationships deepen and darken, tinged by addiction, success and pride.
Narrator: Chris Anderson
  • TED Talks
  • By: Chris Anderson
  • 23 ratings
  • Narrator: Chris Anderson, Tom Rielly, Kelly Stoetzel
  • Duration: 7 hrs and 31 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Since taking over TED in the early 2000s, Chris Anderson has shown how carefully crafted short talks can be the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, spreading knowledge, and promoting a shared dream. Done right, a talk can electrify a room and transform an audience's worldview. Done right, a talk is more powerful than anything in written form.
Narrator: Roger Allam
  • A Prisoner of Birth
  • By: Jeffrey Archer
  • 28 ratings
  • Narrator: Roger Allam
  • Duration: 16 hrs and 26 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Danny Cartwright and Spencer Craig were born on different sides of the track. Danny is an East End Cockney mechanic, Spencer is a West End barrister. When they meet, their lives will never be the same again.
Narrator: R. C. Bray
  • Cataclysm
  • By: Michael Stephen Fuchs
  • 41 ratings
  • Narrator: R. C. Bray
  • Duration: 9 hrs and 32 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • The battle to keep the undead tide from the walls of London is lost. Africa is a deadly hall of mirrors, leaving Alpha team riven with dissension and doubt. And the one man who might save the world is crashing to Earth half a world away. Only our greatest warriors can walk through this fire.
Narrator: Cathleen McCarron
  • Out Of Bounds
  • By: Val McDermid
  • 100 ratings
  • Narrator: Cathleen McCarron
  • Duration: 12 hrs and 59 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • When a teenage joyrider crashes a stolen car and ends up in a coma, a routine DNA test reveals a connection to a twisted unsolved murder from 22 years before. Meanwhile, Karen Pirie finds herself irresistibly drawn into another mystery that she has no business investigating; a mystery that has its roots in a terrorist bombing two decades ago. And again, she finds that nothing is as it seems....
Narrator: Rory Kinnear
  • Nutshell
  • By: Ian McEwan
  • 39 ratings
  • Narrator: Rory Kinnear
  • Duration: 5 hrs and 26 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Nutshell is a classic story of murder and deceit, told by a narrator with a perspective and voice unlike any in recent literature. A bravura performance, it is the finest recent work from a true master. To be bound in a nutshell, see the world in two inches of ivory, in a grain of sand. Why not, when all of literature, all of art, of human endeavour, is just a speck in the universe of possible things?
Narrator: Michael Page
  • The Hope That Kills
  • By: Ed James
  • 0 rating
  • Narrator: Michael Page
  • Duration: 9 hrs and 56 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • The body of a young woman is found on the streets of East London, in the shadow of the City's gleaming towers. No ID on her, just hard-earned cash. But there is no doubting the ferocity of the attack. DI Simon Fenchurch takes charge but, as his team tries to identify her and piece together her murder, they're faced with cruel indifference at every turn - nobody cares about yet another dead prostitute.
Narrator: Flynn Curry
  • NoHo
  • By: Nick Earls
  • 3 ratings
  • Narrator: Flynn Curry
  • Duration: 2 hrs and 21 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • NoHo is about living in the shadows of the famous. Meet Charlie and his would-be-star sister, Cassie, in Hollywood. Discover the Wisdom Tree and family #5. NoHo reveals the devotion of mothers and sons who overcome monsters.
Narrator: Katie Scarfe
  • The Autumn Throne
  • By: Elizabeth Chadwick
  • 3 ratings
  • Narrator: Katie Scarfe
  • Duration: 18 hrs and 19 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • England, 1176. Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let her powerful husband bully her into submission, even as he forces her away from her children and her birthright. Freed only by Henry's death, Eleanor becomes dowager Queen of England. But the competition for land and power that Henry stirred up among his sons has intensified to a dangerous rivalry.
Narrator: Abigail Thaw
  • My Husband's Wife
  • By: Jane Corry
  • 386 ratings
  • Narrator: Abigail Thaw, Lily Bevan
  • Duration: 13 hrs and 24 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable, audiobook edition of My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry, read by Lily Bevan and Abigail Thaw. FIRST COMES LOVE. THEN COMES MARRIAGE. THEN COMES MURDER. The addictive psychological thriller everyone's talking about! What if your life was built on a lie? When lawyer Lily marries Ed, she's determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind. But when she takes on her first criminal case, she starts to find herself strangely drawn to her client.
Narrator: Joe Dunlop
  • Glasgow Kiss
  • By: Alex Gray
  • 2 ratings
  • Narrator: Joe Dunlop
  • Duration: 11 hrs and 52 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Eric Chalmers is one of the most popular teachers at Muirpark Secondary School in Glasgow. Gentle and kind, he is the person the students come to when they want to confide in someone. So when precocious teenager Julie Donaldson accuses Chalmers of rape, the school goes into shock. How could a deeply religious family man like Chalmers do anything like that? With some students and teachers supporting Julie and others standing by Chalmers, life at Muirpark is far from harmonious. And then things get much worse.
Narrator: Kate Reading
  • Furies of Calderon
  • By: Jim Butcher
  • 25 ratings
  • Narrator: Kate Reading
  • Duration: 19 hrs and 54 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • For 1000 years, the people of Alera have united against the aggressive races that inhabit the world, using their unique bond with the furies - elementals of earth, air, fire, water and metal. But now, Gaius Sextus, First Lord of Alera, grows old and lacks an heir. Ambitious Lords manoeuvre to place their Houses in positions of power, and a war of succession looms on the horizon. Far from city politics in the Calderon Valley, young Tavi struggles with his lack of fury crafting.
Narrator: Annabel Crabb
  • The Wife Drought
  • By: Annabel Crabb
  • 10 ratings
  • Narrator: Annabel Crabb
  • Duration: 7 hrs and 8 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • 'I need a wife'. It's a common joke among women juggling work and family, but it's no joke. Having a spouse who takes care of things at home is a godsend on the domestic front and an asset on the work front and is an advantage enjoyed by vastly more men than women. Full of candid and funny stories from politics and the media, The Wife Drought shares intriguing research about the attitudes pulsing beneath the surface of egalitarian Australia.
Narrator: Stan Pretty
  • Australia's Most Murderous Prison
  • By: James Phelps
  • 16 ratings
  • Narrator: Stan Pretty
  • Duration: 6 hrs and 40 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • An unprecedented spate of murders in the 1990s earned Goulburn Jail the ominous name 'The Killing Fields'. Inmates sentenced or transferred to the 130-year-old towering menace declared they had been given death sentences. Serial killer Ivan Milat, the 'Terror Five' militants who plotted attacks across Sydney in 2005, Brothers 4 Life founder Bassam Hamzy and gang rapist Bilal Skaf are just a few of the inmates inside Australia's most murderous prison. Meet them all here in Phelps' best-selling audiobook.
Narrator: Fraser Doherty MBE
  • 48-Hour Start-Up: From Idea to Launch in 1 Weekend
  • By: Fraser Doherty MBE
  • 2 ratings
  • Narrator: Fraser Doherty MBE
  • Duration: 4 hrs and 52 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Fraser Doherty's 48-Hour Start-Up is your handy and essential cheat sheet to starting your own business, giving the key steps for developing an idea and getting it to market quickly. Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business, but very few do it. What if it had to be only a decision of a weekend, and it didn't cost a fortune?
Narrator: Lisa Coleman
  • Kill Me Again
  • By: Rachel Abbott
  • 15 ratings
  • Narrator: Lisa Coleman
  • Duration: 11 hrs and 37 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • When your life is a lie, who can you trust? When Maggie Taylor accepts a new job in Manchester, she is sure it is the right move for her family. The children have settled well, although her husband, Duncan, doesn’t appear to be so convinced. But nothing prepares her for the shock of coming home from work one night to find that Duncan has disappeared, leaving their young children alone. His phone is dead, and she has no idea where he has gone or why.

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