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Where She Belongs

Narrated by: R. E. Chambliss
Length: 8 hrs and 6 mins
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Publisher's Summary

Jess Morgan will never return to Destiny Falls. Nine years ago, a logging accident near the remote timber town killed her dad and her high school sweetheart. Despite her broken heart, her mother immediately sought comfort with another man. That choice tore Jess apart and drove her to seek a life far away. Now she’s successful and happily settled in Toronto. Or is she?

When her stepfather dies, Jess can no longer stay away from home. Her plan is simple; visit just long enough to persuade her mom to come live with her. Surely healing the rift between them will fill the emptiness she's felt for far too long. But when she lands in Destiny Falls, someone unexpected is waiting for her at the airport.

Adam Wright.

Adam plans to live in Destiny Falls forever. He loves every aspect of small-town living and his job that takes him regularly into the bush. He remembers Jess as a cute teenager who hung around with his little sister, so when he's asked to pick her up at the local airport, he's not prepared for the polished woman who steps off the plane. Soon Adam's happiness is more wrapped up in Jess than his home or work, but while he could give up everything and move back to Toronto with her, he senses that won't make either of them happy. How can he get her to give Destiny Falls a second chance? It will take a combined effort from everyone in town who loves Jess Morgan, plus a little charm from the local landscape itself, to convince her to give her to rethink her future plans.

©2011 Cindy Procter-King (P)2012 Cindy Procter-King

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  • Maria
  • 09-10-2012

Story Ok, Narrator Not!!

R.E. Chambliss sounds like a 15 year old girl reading an adult story. Her portrayal of the male voice was sickening, she made him sound so obnoxious, it was so hard to have any feelings for him.
The story dragged some, because of the angst our heroine had about her job in Toronto, versus coming back to her small town in British Columbia. A lot of waffling back n forth about it. This is a romance story about a girl coming home to be with her mother after the death of the step father who had virtually driven her away. She and her mother mend fences and become closer. While home she renews her acquaintance with her best friend Molly's cousin and falls in love with him.
This story could have been reduced by an hour or so, however the narrator really ruined it for me. Imagine a 15 year old girl reading the love scenes. YUK!!

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  • Amizbks
  • 23-02-2016

Oh Cindy

the authors novels are so lovely as an easy listening romantic story but the choice in narrators is horrendous. This in particular sounds awful. You can hear if she just read it properly it would be fine but she starts each sentence in a vapid, husky, porno-esque, stupid voice and you can hear it's not normal because she seems to forget and it's so distracting! and stupid! so blerghhh. I love the books so stop ruining them with crap narrators!

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  • Frances
  • 10-06-2012

Where She Belongs is a gentle story that touches

Stuck in a quagmire of heartbreaking experiences in her teens, Jess Morgan’s ability to move on emotionally is stalled even though she functions at top speed in her upscale merchandizing career in Toronto. When she must return to Destiny Falls where she experienced these life-changing hurts, she is swamped with misgivings. Her veneer of big city sophistication gets chipped away little by little. Whether she feels like she has come “home” or not, the people of Destiny Falls believe she has and draw her into the web of small community living.

Adam Wright, whom Jess had a crush on when she was fourteen and he was seventeen, is Jess’s best friend Molly’s cousin and comes to pick Jess up at the airport while Molly stays with Jess’s mother Nora, whose second husband has died.

Adam is comfortable in his own skin. He put his roots down deep in Destiny Falls and has that sense of belonging he needs. He is just as tenacious, steadfast, and persistent as his cousin Molly. He works to make Destiny Falls a better and more prosperous place to live He works hard in his business to obtain contracts that generate jobs and good wages for the local people. However, his attitude that others should like and be happy with what he is happy with has cost him dearly. Crysta and his unborn child are lost to him because of this attitude and now it colors his view of Jess whom he feels abandoned her mother and her hometown. He doesn’t know the circumstances and is too quick to judge.

Nora, Jess’s mother, is not blameless in Jess’s feeling she doesn’t really belong in Destiny Falls or anywhere else for that matter. Caught up in her own needs and loves over the years, Nora lost her connection with her only child. She feels she has no right to make demands on Jess even though grief and regrets have sapped her vitality. Some of her choices have driven Jess away, yet she longs for absolution.

As Jess inches her way toward a decision about where she belongs and about her willingness to risk being hurt again, she tells herself that being alone keeps her safe from hurt. However, as she and Nora open up to each other and Adam eases his way into her life, thoughts, and heart, Jess fears breaking free of her cocoon of isolation and feels a sense of panic about flying out into a world where emotional dangers abound.

Cindy Procter-King weaves together the lives of her characters with a skill that creates a beautiful pattern of love with just enough darkness in the design to highlight the beauty of unconditional friendship, familial love that ebbs and flows but never disappears, and best of all, she weaves in the love of a man and woman who suffered bitter grief and loss but come out of that dark part of life to the glorious light of true love.

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