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The Key to Understanding What the Hell Your Mexican Friends Are Saying
Narrated by: Ariana Contreras
Length: 3 hrs and 39 mins
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Publisher's Summary

All the Mexican slang you'll ever need!

I have been teaching Mexican Spanish online for more than three years, and while talking to my students, I’ve noticed how interested they were in learning “mexislang”.

They asked me about it all the time, and it started to fascinate me as well. I realized how slang didn’t follow any rules and was constantly changing day by day.

I created a blog - - where I started posting entries for my students, to better explain to them how slang words were used and why.

These blog posts have evolved into this book.

Here, I gather the most important phrases and words of "mexislang" and explain their history and usage, including examples.

You will find this manual useful if: 

  • You want to learn Spanish from Mexico.
  • You are going to travel to Mexico.
  • You want to understand Mexican culture better.
  • You like learning new languages.
  • You want to communicate better with Mexican people.
  • You want to learn the most recent Mexican slang (and internet slang) from 2018.
  • You want to learn slang from a real Mexican tutor who has taught Spanish to people from all around the world.

Mexico is the eighth most visited country in the world, and number one in Latin America, so this is a book that can be used by adventurers, businessmen, spring breakers, and any average joe who wants to make bonds, communicate, and establish good relationships with Mexican people.

Start talking like a Mexican, Get Mexislang now!

©2018 Raúl Jiménez Vázquez (P)2019 Raúl Jiménez Vazquez

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  • Holly C. Sumner
  • 25-04-2019

Gosh darn it...get this audio book!

In all transparency, I was given a free review copy. However, I did previously purchase the Kindle version

I have quite a bit to say about this audio book and will give an honest review.

In some respects, this book is best for those who are at least intermediate to advanced users. However, having said that, if you are a beginner, please keep reading as I have suggestions as to why this audio book would be good for you too.

The narrator does a very good job. Not too heavy of an accent, but of course she has one. She speaks slower that most natives, I assume on purpose. Still it's not exaggerated. Kind of thought of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not too slow, not too fast, sort of just right. Of course native speakers will speak much faster. However, I feel it's at a speed to be useful so that one can actually pick up what she's saying, while having to work a bit still. I dislike the audios on some books where it's really slow. Great to start, but to hear in real life, suddenly it bears NO resemblance.

I consider myself somewhere between advanced beginner and early intermediate in Spanish comprehension. So I had to work a bit to understand, but I am getting it! The book starts off with easier sentences for the examples, but then become more intricate. This is where it's boosting my comprehension. Not just with the slang words, but Mexican Spanish in general.

Another thing I like about this book is that it's not boring. Important as quite honestly, it helps to listen to it far more than once, unless you really are pretty fluent already. I can get bored sometimes, so listening more than once to an audio book doesn't work well for me in most cases. I have listened to this book at least three times through so far, and now will listen to it in my car. It's the examples that is truly making this worthwhile to me. Yes, it's fun learning the slang (and often graphic words). Through those examples, I am learning far more than that. For example (pun intended) it's not a short, "F-you", it's "F-you, because you ruined my life when you told my boyfriend what I did at the party." Much more useful.

Beginners, I don't want to scare you off from this audio book. Having it alone will be a lot of work, although if you worked at it, it'd be worthwhile. However, want to really get use out of this? Buy the book too and follow along. Seeing it in print along with the audio will really boost your progress.

No the author didn't ask me to get you to purchase more. I have the print version. Decided to not use it while using the audio version as I thought it'd make a more straightforward review. Now, I am re-listening and going along using both. Best of both worlds. Increases the comprehension.

Did you know there are three basic "channels" to learning? Auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. Most people learn using one major channel with a secondary. For example I am an auditory learner. I learn best by hearing. (I also "hear" the words when I read) My secondary channel is visual. Therefore, having both the audio version and the print version is a win/win for me.

Kinesthetic learners are the hands-on group. That kind of learner will have either auditory or visual as their secondary. So actually getting out and using the examples from the book (with a very nice friend....ha some of the words could get you in hot water.) Take either the audio book or the print version and work with a friend, and voila - best for you. Your win/win.

All in all, I feel this is one of the most useful books/audio books in my possession.

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  • Paul
  • 22-04-2019

Excellent Companion to the Paperback Version

Although I had previously purchased the paperback version of this text, I decided to add the audio version as an additional resource in my ongoing efforts to learn slang from Mexico. I’m greatly enjoying listening to the various words and their meanings, along with examples of the words/phrases within actual sentences. The narration is excellent – the narrator herself has a very clear pronunciation in both English and Spanish. For those who are looking for additional Spanish practice while traveling, at the gym, or otherwise on the go, I highly recommend this audiobook.

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