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Abortion with Septic Shock

A Complete Gynecological Guide for Women
Narrated by: Shaniese Reyes
Length: 1 hr and 42 mins
Categories: Non-fiction, Medicine

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Publisher's Summary

A woman is obviously different from a man. The anatomical difference is clear but, as well, women have a different perception of many experiences, although how much this is due to prevailing cultural attitudes and how much to gender difference is not clear.

The structural differences are apparent at once, particularly in the development of a woman’s breasts. Among Western communities, the breast has a unique sexual symbolism, and even if fashion diminishes its rotundity, the hemispherical mammary glands are a potent attraction for the male eye. In communities where breasts are habitually exposed, they have a little sexual connotation, being considered for what they are - a source of nourishment for the infant.

One thing distinguishes women from men, and that is the ability to conceive and give birth. The term abortion is therefore not new to women. However, many people seem to be unaware of the physical and psychological side effects that an abortion procedure has on women (and even men); it can take someone years to fully recover from this traumatic event.

A study of induced abortions in Ontario compared over 40,000 women who had undergone induced abortions to a similar number of women who hadn’t. Three months after the abortion, women were found to have a more than four times higher rate of hospitalizations due to infections and a five times higher rate of “surgical events”. 

Septic shock is a serious complication of an infection. Factors that can contribute to the onset of sepsis include an incomplete abortion and bacteria introduced into the uterus during an abortion. Sepsis occurs when an infection enters the bloodstream and can lead to a dramatic drop in blood pressure and heart, respiratory, or organ failure. This life-threatening complication is responsible for 30 percent of abortion-related deaths. As a measure to curb this menace, this audiobook explicitly discusses this disorder, including its preventive measures. It is hoped that the listener will benefit greatly from this.

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