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Mispronunciations and name-calling?

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Reviewed: 03-01-2021

As a New Zealander, this essay was undermined by the disrespect the author has shown by calling former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Muldoon, "Piggy" Muldoon throughout, while abstaining from name-calling with other Australian and NZ leaders. Yes, that was his nickname, but what purpose did it add to the arguments made in the essay? It seemed petty.

It was also very distracting to have to listen to the narrator mispronouncing the name of another former prime minster, David Lange - it is pronounced Long-ee, not Lang. I found myself gritting my teeth every time this happened, which distracted from whatever point the essay was trying to make. The NZ minor party mentioned a few times is incorrectly referred to as the "A-C-T." party - it is actually called the "act" party,

In a book about politics, the narrator should check that she is pronouncing things correctly. I assume the author must not have listened to the narration at all - I'm sure she would be horrified by these mistakes.

As for the final chapters on Jacinda Ardern, the author completely overlooked the fact that until the covid crisis emerged, Labour had been trailing massively in the polls, Labour's policies were failing all around them, and it was quite possible that they would have been defeated in the 2020 election. I wish this had been more balanced.

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