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Might be for you, just not for me

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Reviewed: 09-04-2019

Let me start off by saying that the performance was good, the voice acting was good and the reading was easy to listen to. However, my issues start with the sound effects of the quote-unquote "zombies". No zombie has ever made a high-pitch squeal sound; it just took me completely out of the immersion, it was a poor choice - a low, snarling growl would've been so much better and made the audiobook so much more terrifying. My other issue is with the story itself. There were some tremendous parts, don't get me wrong, but there were too many things that happened by coincidence that I didn't like at all. I had a lot of hope for this novel when I first heard about it many years ago, and it's a shame it took until now for me to get around to it. Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe not. I'm sure a few years ago, I would've found it far more enjoyable but by now it was nothing special. If you enjoyed this book, more power to you. But this one just wasn't for me.

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