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Abso-bloody-lutely a must read.

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 18-10-2018

Finally found a book that I could confidently say "One of my favourite book of all time"—probably my favourite—I know because, there was no hint of lazyness to re-read it immediately—like felicity and her book.

This book is packed with just everything I want in a book;

-It's a History Novel! (Gotta love my history!)
- Fantastic Writting Style — Mackenzie Lee, Yo my girl!
-Strong/Intelligent Female Character (Okay, my adjectives for Felicity is definately an understatement—Well, I think all my adjectives for this book is going to be an understatement— this is just to give you a general Idea that, the second main character won't be like any female-just-acting-like-females in 17— she's amazing—okay another understatement.)
-Fast Paced
-"Character complimenting plot" base book (Is this a thing? Like in every book I read, there is always a book that slides to a character based novel or a plot based novel, but this one, is too dang just right that it was never annoying!
-It's not dragged!! There is never a frinkin' pages or chapter I feel like tearing, all the pages are so precious!

I'm still smiling after re-reading this novel, and call me crazy but, definately going to read it again! 💃💃

Though the only issue I've had with this book is, I can never read it in public again—had a fair share of embarssment, mainly because I can't stop smiling like a madman—and my attempt to not dance with ecstacy has been rather disastrous, might as well strip me naked.

but, other than that, It's sublime.

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