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If you like narcissistic mysogynists you’ll love this book!!

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2 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 26-01-2019

David Goggins has undoubtedly shown incredible determination and tenacity to achieve his goals. I was inspired by him in that sense. What I couldn’t stomach was his remarkable selfishness and lack of ownership in his career failings. He achieved his goal of becoming a navy seal by walking out on his wife and daughter, not once but twice. And he certainly wasn’t a team player in his career which I suspect is what harmed its trajectory, rather than racism as he claims is the case. It certainly would have been a factor, but not the determining factor. As he said, there were a number of successful black men already in the green team. I also objected to his frequent reference to weak humans as having vaginas - weakness of character isn’t determined by gender.
The audio is also annoying - Dave’s faux humbleness and the narrators almost embarrassing hero worship of him is occasionally nauseating. In my opinion the hardest men on earth are those that achieve their goals while still maintaining good relationships and honouring and supporting their families.

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