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“To say anything is to say nothing at all”

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Reviewed: 08-01-2019

He mentions in his book something along the lines of “to say anything is to say nothing at all” with regards to the level of pain his daughter experienced.

In the same spirit of that line....
October before last, my fiancé at the time and myself listened to one of Jordan’s lectures/podcasts relating to having kids on the drive down the coast to our wedding.
We’d been together for 10 years before we were married and had planned not to have kids.
After listening, we decided “if it happens on the honeymoon it happens, if not, back to our careers”.
We’ll it happened so thanks to this guy my new wife and I now have a 6 month old son who we love more than we knew possible.

This humble carpenter attempting to find the words to express gratitude for the difference made in my life by a stranger I’ll never meet, on the other side of the globe, wouldn’t do it justice.

To say that I am grateful is “almost to say nothing at all”.

For both the inspiration and now the instruction manual, my new family and I thanks you.

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