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Brimming with first world problems

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2 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 18-03-2019

I listened to this with an open mind. I’d never read any of Brown’s books but was keen to learn what all the ‘buzz’ was about.
Unfortunately, this never hit the mark for me. By the end, I still didn’t have a clear understanding of what the rising strong process involves. I get the ‘face down in the arena’ bit, but I was left thinking that perhaps Brown doesn’t really understand adversity.
The anecdotes that were meant to serve as examples served only as a catalyst for some major eyerolling and the cry ‘meanwhile, some people have real problems!’
The examples included:
Arguing with your husband
Having a messy roommate (for one night!)
Someone sending you a passive aggressive email.
So hard to listen to when you’ve experienced real pain and the need to get up and face the world day after day despite it.

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