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Poor performance of an exceptional book

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Reviewed: 22-07-2015

Any number of reviews will tell you the importance of Dune, the depth and detail that Frank Herbert has taken to craft a thrilling story, amazing characters and a universe that in 2015 is still unique.

This review however, sets to highlight that this reading of Dune is exceptionally bad. The book is read mostly by a single person (altering his voice for different characters, if only slightly) but bizarrely will have characters such as Jessica and Paul be taken over by other narrators seemingly at random parts of the story with seemingly no consistency on who is 'playing'. More confusingly a narrator for one key character, such as Leto Atreides will return later with exactly the same voice (that is to say, not altering it at all) to play a different character.

This performance is disruptive and simply not good. Either have it read by a single narrator or have some consistency with who is reading each character. The most egregious case of this was halfway through a chapter in which two key characters were talking, a small break takes place, and it returns with new narrators for these characters. Why?

The story isn't ruined however. The performers are true to the words of the book and it will not inhibit your ability to get the genuine experience but at times it is jarring and confusing.

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