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A different and immersive experience...

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Reviewed: 15-02-2016

Any additional comments?

I read LOTR years ago before any of the movie versions arrived and though I don't remember much of it I'm glad that I did.

Firstly, I really enjoyed seeing the movies (except for a dodgy early cartoon version). Their collective dramatic impact was a visual and musical feast - but it was wonderful to be immersed again in the imagination that the word - written or spoken - evokes. Obviously the book has more detail and nuance than a screenplay, and I think that overall Tolkien intended (bookwise) a better experience of the story at a fantasy level. Some may disagree with that - but I found, for example, the elves more elvish, the magic more subtle and the descriptions of the moments and surroundings more poetic.

Secondly, Rob Inglis's narration is highly listenable. His rendition of Gandalf's character made me think of Ian McKellen's screen version. He does a tolerably good job of singing the songs and poems sprinkled throughout the story. He doesn't get full marks though, as there are a few points where the voice cracks inexplicably. I concentrate best and listen in the car in 20 - 30 minute sessions and really look forward to my drive to and from work.

Looking forward to hearing The Two Towers and Return of the King.

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