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Sex and the City without the sex and lots of fluff

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Reviewed: 07-06-2019

Unbearable. I am so annoyed that for the first time I am writing a review. I was surprised at first that it was not structured as an instructional self-help book. But the narration was not bad, so I tried accepting it as a non-fiction life story of sorts. In the first 2 hours she was basically narrating her life's journey into working world - Sex and the City style with slower pacing, without the drama and without the sex. Her style of story telling had so much padding. At times it felt like I was reading a teenage girl's secret diary. In the first 2 hours, there was nothing about how to live frugally. Although there were moments of self-awareness about how "first world" her issues were, it was quickly forgotten moments later when she gushed about moving in with her boyfriend and whined away about her superficial hardships. Any sense of maturity and learning was overshadowed by unnecessary fluff and weak story telling.

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