Michael J Edmonds

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I felt conflicted.

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Reviewed: 04-07-2020

In an effort to be fair and neutral, I felt the author provided clear and useful information for the listener and is obviously talented at what she does. If indeed network marketing is your thing. So from that perspective she gets kudos and this book will be greeted warmly by those interested in what she has to say. This however was not me. I didn't realise this book was specifically related to network marketing when I purchased it. The more I listened, the more it felt like I was watching a story on 60 minutes that depicted a room full of hyped up, money starved disciples lapping up the extravagant promises from the wealthy elite on stage. Yes, there are the sales stars getting their 'Sexy Lexies,' but I would love to hear what the experiences are of everybody drawn into this industry. I'm sure its not all rainbows and lollypops. I know its not! The distinction between pyramid schemes and network marketing is a thin one. Clearly there is a heavy reliance and an agenda to convince people to build networks thus creating a money trail of commissions to those up the top. If there was a measure of moral credibility for entrepreneurs I don't think the top dogs of network marketers score that high. I think I will search for something with a little more purpose and substance. Not recruiting for the sake of recruiting.

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