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Shock and aww

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 20-08-2016

Disclaimer: I'd already read "Digging Up Mother" and passed it on to my millennial son who, although possesses an aversion to paper, has nearly finished reading it. If this is the first or only actual "book" he reads, I expect my contribution to humanity to at least get one tick on the right side of literature. Yeah, you read me Poindexter.

As for the Audible version?

It's more of the same. In the best possible way.

It's the same raw/raucous story telling typical of Stanhope's stand-up, rolled into a tale that drips off the page like the sloppy wisdom of ancient drunks, capped with a satisfying whiff of middle-age reflection. But now with extra added reflection! As supplied by people-that-were-actually-there first hand accounts, a voiceover cast worthy of whatever accolades there are for such things, all strung out and together by an increasingly and appropriately inebriated Stanhope.
Chad Shank excels at co-narrating the story, his rich timbre perfectly suited for an audiobook format and no doubt a sirens' song for Killer Termites.

You may get a little teary-eyed, unless you're dead inside - but either way you will be entertained. Hand the man his freedom.

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