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Gripping, immersive and short.

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Reviewed: 01-08-2019

This was an interesting one.
Thriller documentaries aren't really my thing but this podcast got me hooked immediately.
Between the characters and the narration this series found a sweet spot.

Unfortunately I think this should've been longer.
Literal years would go by during each episode but it never felt like it.
My immersion would break the instant a character would say.
"I haven't seen him in a while"
Even though I literally heard them talking a scene before.

All of this would get worse near the end with a rather anticlimactic ending.
Yes, that's how life works but this series was partly building up to a moment of human revelation.
A revelation that occurred in the passage of 5 seconds.

With all of that aside...
If you like strong narrated stories or documentaries give it a try.
If you dislike major time jumps and anticlimactic moments give it a miss

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