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A wonderful experience, questionable performaces

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Reviewed: 11-06-2019

A great long ride of a listen, a lot to take on board, and a lot of relistening back a minute or two when you space out a bit. Some of the bad guys were so one-dimensional that I was definitely expecting a redemptive twist that never came. Flat side characters abound, many just strangely ham-fisted stereotypes given that other seemingly unimportant details are included.

Many grating accents throughout, like terribly bad, and yeah, again, stereotypes. Why a halting, laboured Eastern European accent when a character is writing a narration in their native language?

The story is a lot of fun though, an odd mix of "turn your brain off" and don't overthink it kind of fun, but if you do turn your brain off you'll miss a ton of what's going on, found myself rewinding a lot. The main core of characters are all very likeable, and I'd love to catch up with them in the future given it's all very open for a sequel.