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I am not angry

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Reviewed: 02-01-2017

I liked the way she wrote. Her language and ways to get you to stand up and take note.
Hated the storyline, information, repetition and how she has defined women on her own experience. Finished it hoping at some stage she would acknowledge those who are happy being a women who are not angry who have a fulfilling life co existing with men and have dealt successfully with male dominance and inequality in their lives. Basically she got on my nerves how everything bad she related to men. I am sure there are other women as angry as she is. There are many who are succeeding in changing women's lives and liberations with positive and empowering strategies. I am strong, passionate and liberated. So are my daughters and sons. I believe in positivity and building on that. I believe in being proactive get freedom without blaming others. I am fat, plain looking, loud mouth and out spoken. I am educating the male race on women and there rights. I am NOT angry. I am women.

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