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Feels like a bit of a Break-up, rather than a Wake-up

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Reviewed: 25-09-2018

...and in this case, definitely a - it’s not You, it’s Me kind of break-up. Because I’m not yet convinced of the primary assertion in this work that the Self is an illusion, and that’s probably on me. I’m quite a fan of the ideas and intellectual honesty and effort of the author on his podcast and YouTube conversations. However I have come away from my second listen, perhaps in equal measure; a little awakened, a bit disturbed, certainly confused. Hard yards of persistent rational argument for a seemingly invisible but yet ever-present and apparently instantly accessible true-r perspective on life; based in part on the illusion of the Self... I’ll go back for a third listen, but like some Tibetan pilgrimage, it’s a lot of time and effort to arrive in a place I’m not convinced exists.

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