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2 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 27-12-2019

While Haley has produced good works in the past, this was so far from the mark. It has its moments, but overall it doesn't feel like a very 40k book. Tetrarch Felix has been written like a squad sergeant with no idea of diplomacy and easily angered, and Cawl is portrayed as 'cooky' rather than the soul-crushed, 10,000 y/o brutal archmagos he is, and it frequently breaks immersion. Also, why would a tetrarch and an archmagos go down to inspect an ancient xenos artefact on a world destroyed by tyranids with just a dozen or so marines? Full of silly references like "Terra squirrels", and the result is that the story seems borne of another SciFi universe but has been worked into a 40k setting. As for the audio performance, it's decent, but the total binary of character voices is incredibly lacklustre. Not all space marines in positions of power have to sound haltingly gravel-voiced and almost out of breathe, and not all intelligent characters need to sound plucky and high-pitched. Easily missed.

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