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Almost Fantastic Lesbian Cop Drama

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Reviewed: 10-10-2018

So, hoi. How do I start. I love cliché tropey buddy cop junk and I wanted that but with ladies making out in it. After a little bit of research I was lead here. The lieutenant throws his glasses on a pile of files and calls one of our leads a maverick within the first minute and I was like 'Yeeeeees!'

The story itself is pretty simple, a pair of detectives are on the trail of a brutal serial killer. While they are on the case they start to fall for each other which is complicated until its not.

The Hunter's Way audio book totally elevates its material by being amazingly well performed; Abby Craden does a fantastic job with the different voices, fun uses of inflection and non verbal sounds (yawns, murmurs, etc) She really made me want to spend as much time with the characters as possible. It's kind of a shame it wasn't fully produced with a soundscape to go with it, she's that good.

I was totally invested in the case and in the developing friendship and attraction of the two leads, tough gal, maverick 'best detective on the squad' hot-to-the-point-of-goddess-status loner Tori Hunter and bright, charming, good with people but useless with guns new-to-the-squad Sam Kennedy but....there are two huge buts.

I would be willing to say this might be the most fun I had with an audio book until I got half way though and out of nowhere, in a tiny subplot, one of the key characters gets raped. It's very traumatic and is partly 'on screen'. The character then goes though a short grueling recovery period and then is fine? It's really odd and very uncomfortable.
And then towards the end there is a bunch transphobic stuff where one of the victims is referred to as a transvestite and when they find out she was trans they flip back and fourth on pronouns and it's all super uncomfortable.

So I guess add this one to the problematic faves pile? It's super dark; it has a pile of young dead lesbians in it, it's transphobic and traumatic while at the same time, it's super compelling and has good characters and a surprising amount of wit and humor and genuine warmth.

Hunter's Way is hard to recommend but as long as you know what you're in for, go for it.