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Two dimensional and uninteresting characters

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Reviewed: 23-02-2020

DNF at 40%.
I was after a simple, light, romantic read and on some levels this book delivered. However, I couldn't move on from the frequent reinforcement of stereotypes, of both males and females, and sexism displayed in the book;
- The virginal heroine happily listens, and contributes, to the objectification of all other females any of the males interact with. She is revered because she is the 'exception' to females, rather than acknowledging that the way these guys interact with females is inherently flawed.
- The alpha, womanising, jock hero has so little emotional intelligence I wasn't even interested in his development throughout the book. Other than him being a hockey star, what is meant to make this guy interesting?

Granted I only listened to 40% but other gripes I had were:
- All of the characters seem two dimensional.
- It is a sports book without any details of the actual sport. Hockey seems to be the only positive attribute in the hero but the only time it comes up is when we see he and his friends binge drinking after any hockey related event.
- The dialogue was mundane.

Balancing this, the premise wasn't terrible. The pseudo-forbidden brothers friend romance combined with sports/jock stories is well trodden but a reliable crowd pleaser when done right. Unfortunately, this one just didn't hit the mark.

I can usually just turn my brain off and get through but for some reason this grated on me more than most.
Narrators were great but needed better material.

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